Two New Firearm Laws Now In Effect In Nevada

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(Don Turner) – A great big thanks to all of you who wrote and called your state representatives to make this happen. Of the 16 pro gun bills that were introduced in the NV legislature, 6 passed and 10 died in committees. Eight of those ten died in the Assembly Judiciary Committee chaired by Assemblyman Horne.  The campus carry bill passed the Senate and had enough Assembly votes to passed, but it was not moved out of the Assembly Judiciary Committee so it could have a floor vote.

Assembly Bill 217 and Assembly Bill 282 went into effect on July 1.

Assembly Bill 217, introduced by Assemblyman John Ellison (R-33), allows residents of non-contiguous states to purchase long guns in Nevada.  It also allows Nevada residents to purchase long guns in non-contiguous states.  This legislation brings Nevada in line with the protections provided by the Firearms Owners Protection Act, which allows for the interstate sale of long guns by federally licensed firearms dealers.  

Assembly Bill 282, introduced by Speaker John Oceguera (D-16), is a four-point omnibus gun bill. While this bill was initially problematic due to NRA-opposed language being inserted on the Assembly floor, the bill was rewritten in a joint legislative conference committee to benefit Nevada Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permit holders. 

AB 282 will:

  • ensure that CCW permit holders’ names and addresses remain confidential;
  • revise Nevada state law to allow carrying of any semi-automatic pistol, as with revolvers, once qualified for a CCW permit with a semi-automatic pistol;
  • allow carrying of firearms in Nevada state parks; and
  • statutorily mandate a background investigation (which is currently being done by all Nevada sheriffs) for CCW permit renewals for the purpose of reinstating the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) exemption for Nevada, thus ensuring that permit holders do not have to go through a point-of-contact check for every firearm purchased, as long as the CCW permit is valid. 

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  1. Rey says:

    I’m glad these laws passed. I don’t know much about carrying a gun in and around colleges and universities, but parks where animals might be lurking is a good place to carry a firearm without alarming the public. The other is carrying any firearm that doesn’t have to be listed on the back of CCW permits as long as you are trained to use that firearm.

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