Harry Wants You to Keep Paying His Campaign Backers for ‘Green’ Energy

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(Thomas Mitchell/(4TH ST8) Harry Reid wants Nevada to be powered by “green” energy, even if it costs the last dime of your money to pay his political contributors before they all go broke.

During an interview on Nevada Newsmakers Tuesday, Sen. Reid criticized NV Energy for not purchasing even more “green” energy than they already do:

“I don’t think NV Energy has done enough to allow renewable energy to thrive. I think a lot of the things they blame, not having the purchase-power agreements, has been based on what they say the Public Utilities Commission won’t do. It is simply not true. I have spoken to commissioners myself, and I think that if NV Energy wanted to do more with renewable energy, they could.”

When host Sam Shad said renewable energy is more expensive, especially solar energy, Reid said that simply was not true, and argued that Nevada has no oil and needs to produce power with geothermal, wind and solar. Perhaps he’s not heard of the Chainman Shale Formation or interstate commerce. Perhaps he’s not read that renewable energy is two, three or even four times more expensive than power obtained from natural gas-fired turbines.

Nevada lawmakers have passed a law requiring NV Energy to acquire 25 percent of its power from renewables by 2025.

But surely Harry knows those “green” energy companies are huge contributors to him and the Democratic Party.

Coincidentally on the same day Reid was slamming NV Energy, the Review-Journal reported online — never made print so far as I tell — that the litigation attempting to block a wind turbine operation in White Pine County had been settled, clearing the way for the wind to start operations in July.

The $225 million Spring Valley Wind, west of Great Basin National Park, is owned by Pattern Energy and will use 66 turbines to generate 150 megawatts of electricity. The company has a 20-year contract with NV Energy at the rate of 9.8 cents per kilowatt-hour, more than double the cost of natural gas.

Pattern Energy’s CEO is Mike Garland, who is a backer of WindPAC, which has contributed $15,000 to Reid over the past few years.

Today First Solar, which built a 50-megawatt solar panel farm in Ivanpah Valley, is firing 30 percent of its employees, 2,000 workers, and reducing production of solar panels. A couple of weeks ago, First Solar sold that Ivanpah solar farm to a Canadian oil company.

First Solar has received $3 billion in loan guarantees from the U.S. government to support its various projects.

First Solar’s former CEO, Robert Gillette, was a big contributor to Honeywell PAC, which gave $5,000 to Harry Reid’s campaign in 2009 alone and nearly $10,000 in prior years. That PAC gave more than $20,000 to Harry’s Searchlight Leadership Fund. It also gave thousands to the Senate Majority Fund, while Harry was the majority leader.

Gillette was replaced by company Chairman Michael Ahearn, who, along with his wife, has given $123,000 to various Democratic candidates in recent years. He also gave a few thousand to the Solar Energy Industry Association PAC, which gave generously to, you guessed it, Harry Reid. There were also a few donations for the Senate campaign of one Ken Salazar, now Interior Secretary and big backer of “green” energy.

The Center for American Freedom has a listing of other Reid “green” contributors, most of which have received generous tax breaks, grants and loan guarantees from the government.

(For video clip and chart of power contracts visit 4TH ST8.)

2 Responses for “Harry Wants You to Keep Paying His Campaign Backers for ‘Green’ Energy”

  1. Durk Pearson says:

    But none dare call it fascism.

    That 9.8 cents per KWH that is being paid to Harry’s pet Pattern Energy understates the true cost of that wind power:

    1) We rate-payers also have to pay for the transmission lines to the project, which adds substantially to the 9.8 cents per KWH cost.

    2) We rate-payers also have to pay to maintain, operate, and keep hot standby coal and natural gas fired steam power plants to provide power when the wind isn’t blowing at the wind turbines’ full power design velocity – which is most of the time. That is another substantial addition to the already too-high cost.

    3) The wind turbines mix higher velocity higher altitude wind with lower velocity lower altitude wind thereby increasing the wind velocity at ground level. This results in a roughly 30% increase in water evaporation from the soil and evapotranspiration from the plants downwind of the turbines. Just what the desert needs – more water losses from soil and plants and less water available for underground reservoir recharge.

    4) I have seen the trucks carrying wind turbine towers and blades – all labeled Siemens. This is a fine way to stimulate the economy – of Germany.

    Thanks Harry! We know that we can count on you for a lose/lose/lose/lose/win situation where we are the lose/lose/lose/losers and you and your donors are the win side of the equation.

  2. Bruce Feher says:

    The masses could care less. Folks who read this site understand BUT the average bear is only interested in who will win the next America Idol
    The same fools who voted for Obama will vote for him again….UNLESS

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