Titus: Lies About Healthcare, Lies About Heck

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(NN&V staff) – In a sign of their desperation, Dina Titus’ campaign and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) cannot hold back from spreading lies about Dr. Joe Heck, according to Heck’s campaign.

In the April 11th Las Vegas Review Journal, the Titus’ campaign sposkesman Andrew Stoddard clamied Heck wanted to “privatize Social Security and dismantle Medicare.” The Heck campaign yesterday issued the following response:

Dr. Joe Heck, as an emergency medicine physician, sees the benefits that Medicare provides our seniors every day. He understands how important and critical programs like Medicare Advantage are to seniors in Southern Nevada. One of the numerous reasons Dr. Heck has opposed Titus’ takeover of healthcare is its extreme cuts to the Medicare program.

Seniors in southern Nevada have a reason to be worried. With Dina’s continued promotion of Nancy Pelosi’s liberal Washington agenda, she casts votes that continue to risk the future of Medicare and seniors now know it.

The most galling part of Titus’ trouble with the truth about Joe Heck is that just over two weeks ago, Titus voted alongside her boss Nancy Pelosi to cut $500 billion from Medicare, decimating Medicare Advantage and increasing the co-pays for Part D prescription drug coverage.

So as Team Titus spreads lies about Joe Heck, she is doing precisely what she is falsely accusing him of. This is just one of the numerous things that are wrong with Washington today.

When it comes to Social Security, Dr. Heck believes that the system needs reform, but to suggest a privatization of Social Security is running fast and loose with the truth. Dr. Heck understands Social Security provides a critical benefit to more than 50 million Americans, for Dina Titus to claim otherwise is irresponsible.

Social Security must be preserved for current and near retirees. We must work to preserve the Social Security safety net and make sure the program remains solvent for future generations. America’s seniors must be cared for and no amount of spin by Titus will change that fact.

“Dina Titus and her party bosses know that they are on the ropes in this race; a fact made more apparent by the recent poll numbers released by the Review Journal,” said Grant Hewitt, Campaign Manager for Friends of Joe Heck.

“They will stop at nothing to tear down a great American like Dr. Heck, someone who stands on the front lines of our healthcare crisis in the Emergency Department. This is just the politics as usual from the liberals in Washington,” concluded Hewitt.

2 Responses for “Titus: Lies About Healthcare, Lies About Heck”

  1. JOHN ENCINIO says:

    How do I get aboard the “Joe Heck Train?” This is guy IS an American hero and just the man to beat Titus. Allllll aboard the “Joe Heck Train!!!!”

  2. Len Barend says:

    I know Joe Heck personally and his knowledge and understanding of the issues far exceeds that of Dina Titus. She does not understand healthcare or the issues. She does understand that she has to vote the way Pelsoi tells her.

    The lies her campaign is telling really means she is running scared and will do anything to keep her job, even lie to her constituients.Learn the truth about Obamacare and vote for Joe Heck. We really need him in Washington.

    The facts stated by Joe Heck about Medicare Advantage plans are correct. Congress, Harry Reid and Dina Titus want the money going to insurance comapnies to ber diverted to Obamacare. What everyone fails to realize is that Original Medicare costs too much because the govt doesn’t know how to run a business. (Post Office, Social Security comes to mind). The govt has put out a reprot claiming that Original Medicare costs less to administer the the MAPD plans. If the study was conducted using AICPA standards of calculating cost and was then compared to private insurance, the govt would have to turn over Original Medicare to private insurance.
    Dina Titus is using that study to “prove” her case that the MAPD plan run by private insurtance costs too much and at the same time selling her seniors down the river. In Clark County alone there are about 125,000 seniors on various MAPD plans. Once Obamacare kills that market where are these people going to go? Original Medicare is an 80/20 plan where the govt pays 80 and the senior pays 20%. There is no stop loss or maximum out of pocket so when a senior cannto pay the 20%, the govt will.

    We need to elect Joe Heck to Congress and send Dina back to UNLV.

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