There Will Be A Pro-Life Nevada Candidate For Senate In November

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(Don Nelson) – There’s good news for pro-life Nevadans. It’s almost certain that Harry Reid, who authored the most massive increase in abortion funding through his health care bill will have a rock solid pro-life opponent in November.

With one or two exceptions, the Nevada Republican candidates for the United States Senate are pro-life. The leading three candidates, Sue Lowden, Danny Tarkanian and former Assemblywoman Sharron Angle are solidly pro-life with endorsements from exceptional pro-life groups or individuals.

Senator Reid will pretend to be pro-life again, but his protestations are meaningless since he wrote and pushed through the abortion funding health care bill. Abortion is not health care and you can’t write and vote for the most massive increase in abortion spending since Roe v. Wade and be pro-life. Reid alone wrote the abortion funding health care law and is solely responsible for its contents. He has carried water for Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-choice America, the ACLU and the abortion establishment. Reid is beyond being a hypocrite. He is a phony and an imposter.

Sue Lowden is a former state senator and past chairman of the Nevada Republican party. Although Mrs. Lowden has admitted to supporting abortion twenty years ago, Lowden has become pro-life. We celebrate those who have crossed over from the darkness of abortion to the pro-life cause. Those who have changed their mind and become pro-life have helped create our pro-life majority.

Mrs. Lowden is a practicing Catholic and says her views are consistent with her church. Mrs. Lowden has the endorsement of the Susan B. Anthony List. Senator Maurice Washington says she was a strong proponent of a parental notification bill when they served together in 1995.

Former Assemblywoman Sharron Angle was one of our favorite guests on the Voice for Life radio show with Toni Berry and me. In the Nevada Assembly, Angle authored a bill that would have required the dangerous connection between abortion and breast cancer be disclosed as part of informed consent to an abortion in Nevada. Though the bill did not pass, Angle was years ahead on this important issue and her bill has been vindicated.

Last year a leading pro-abortion critic of the abortion breast cancer connection admitted that abortion is a known risk factor to breast cancer. Mrs. Angle has always run for office as an outspoken pro- lifer. She’s been an outspoken opponent of abortion as well as an encourager and supporter of all of us in the pro-life movement. Mrs. Angle has the endorsement of Nevada Concerned Citizens, Pro-life icon Phyllis Schlafly and others.

Danny Tarkanian is another solid pro-life candidate and is endorsed by Professor Francis J. Beckwith, one of the leading pro-life intellectuals. Long time Nevada pro-lifers remember how hard it was being pro-life in 1990, even in our churches. That year the notorious Question 7 initiative was passed. It prevents the Nevada legislature from changing the right to abortion.

Because of Question 7, nothing will change in Nevada after Roe is overturned except by another costly initiative. While many Nevada clergy and others who knew better, and who could have made a difference, went into hiding, Mr. Tarkanian was running to the front lines and putting his reputation as a former UNLV basketball star and son of UNLV coaching icon Jerry Tarkanian on the line by cutting commercials against Question 7 and explaining his pro-life views and why Nevadans should oppose the initiative.

More could be said about each of these, but we are thrilled that there will be an authentic pro-life candidate for Senate in November. The best way to make a difference for the pro-life cause this year is to get out and help a pro-life candidate get elected.

(Don Nelson is president of Nevada LIFE)

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  1. ConservativeForTruth says:

    Hope we put up a better candidate against Reid than Sharron Angle. She organized a tax-payer funded trip to Mexico for legislators to study a crazy, scientology-based prison program. The RJ even reported on it!

    Watch the video:

    Sharron is not the kind of “conservative” we need.

  2. Mary says:

    Her candidacy was appealing until I read that Phyllis Shafley is endorsing her. Can’t vote for Angle now. Sorry.

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