Superintendents Request Collective Bargaining Changes

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(Andrew Doughman/Nevada News Bureau) – Superintendents have asked legislators to open up collective bargaining laws.

They asked for more flexibility with the money the state gives them. Currently, school districts bargain with teachers and teachers’ unions for funds.

That means that the governor’s proposal to cut teacher pay 5 percent is not a foregone conclusion.

Districts still have to negotiate with teachers to ensure a 5 percent cut happens.

“We can ask but that doesn’t mean that you can get all of those concessions,” said Heath Morrison, superintendent of the Washoe County School District, at a legislative hearing Wednesday.

Morrison called the pay cuts “unfunded mandates” because they give districts less money with an expectation that the districts will bargain for those pay cuts.

Rob Roberts, superintendent of Nye County School District and president of the Nevada Association of School Superintendents, addressed legislators in an education committee today.

He said the superintendent’s would ideally like no cuts to the K-12 budget at all.

“We want you to hold the line on budget cuts,” he said. “We’ve cut to the bone … Many of the rural districts are barely surviving.”

The governor’s budget, however, cuts the districts’ budget by more than a half billion dollars.

Legislators would need to raise taxes to make up that shortfall.

If Gov. Brian Sandoval’s budget passes with cuts to K-12 education, that’s when the superintendents would support opening up collective bargaining.

Sandoval has not personally pushed for changes to collectively bargaining, but he said he would welcome a discussion in the Legislature.

Legislators have yet to discuss opening up the Nevada’s collective bargaining statutes.

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  1. Roseanya says:

    I say CCSD Super Jones (on Nv Newsmakers last Friday) say something about “if a RIF, reduction in force, reduction in staff is necessary…” we would like to keep math/science teachers and EFFECTIVE teachers over seniority. Looks like HE CAN READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL, unlike Chancellor and President of UNLV and many many teachers commenting on the “newspaper” cites. We just cannot afford a teacher for every 16 ILLEGAL STUDENTS when Nevada has at least 100,000 ILLEGAL STUDENTS. And, Nv Dpt of H&HS does NOT HAVE A SINGLE AUDITOR VERIFYING APPLICANT ELIGIBILITY FOR BENEFITS–with Hispanic I.D. fraud at record levels and Nevada 6th in the nation for I.D. fraud…..WE ARE LETTING ILLEGALS STEAL US INTO INSOLVENCY. Deport those stealing benefits period.

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