Clark County GOP Boss McKeon Presiding Over Mob Rule »

Clark County GOP Boss McKeon Presiding Over Mob Rule

(by Carl Bunce) – In the past year we have seen a calculated and complete devastation of the grassroots and long time Republican activists in the Clark County Republican Party. Since the election of Dave Mckeon as Chairman of the Clark County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) we have seen long-time activist Woody Stroupe taken to the mat over a simple email miscommunication. We have seen elected e-board members treated like children and intimidated during meetings […]

Senate Republicans’ Bait-and-Switch Fundraising »

Senate Republicans’ Bait-and-Switch Fundraising

(by Richard A. Viguerie) – Hundreds of thousands of conservatives receive National Republican Senatorial Committee fundraising letters that would be considered “bait-and-switch” or even money laundering in the commercial world. The NRSC asks conservatives to send their hard-earned money with the promise of helping elect senators who will cut taxes, fight big government and protect liberty. Conservatives may be sending money believing that, but the NSRC uses your money to help elect progressive, big-government establishment […]

Do You Have the Courage to Revolt With Your Vote? »

Do You Have the Courage to Revolt With Your Vote?

(Tom Jones) – The approval rating of the United States Congress is about 15%. Yet, almost 90% of the incumbents are reelected. This is insanity. Who is at fault? We the People must take the blame. We continue to vote for the lesser of two evils. We don’t have the courage to revolt with our vote. We must stop voting for the party candidate blindly. We must eliminate any candidate from consideration who has taken […]

Roberson Used “Lies and Fear to Manipulate Voters” »

Roberson Used “Lies and Fear to Manipulate Voters”

(Carl Bunce) – I have taken a week and some much needed beach time to reflect on the Republican primary, which I lost last Tuesday, June 10th. It is a hard loss, because I devoted myself wholeheartedly to do the work needed to represent Senate 20. I met some of the most interesting and intelligent people while walking doors over the past six months during the campaign. Surprisingly, I was even able to help people […]

How Conservatives Won the 2014 GOP Primary »

How Conservatives Won the 2014 GOP Primary

As predicted, moderate establishment Republicans won the half-dozen high-profile match-ups in the 2014 Nevada GOP primary contests. Nevertheless, the big winner on June 10 was really Nevada’s growing and maturing conservative movement. Some highlights… Carson City’s Ron Knecht – a former conservative state assemblyman who signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge – won the statewide GOP primary for Controller.   Tax Pledge signers Annette Teijeiro and Cresent Hardy won contested GOP primary contests in Nevada’s 1st […]

In CD4, Innis is the Conservative Choice »

In CD4, Innis is the Conservative Choice

(Phil Henry) – Early voting in Nevada’s 4th congressional district has commenced, but Niger Innis was far ahead in polls conducted last month. Amongst decided voters, Innis is favored nearly 2.5-to-1 over Cresent Hardy. The winner will face off against Democrat Rep. Steven Horsford, a black freshman incumbent who was elected in a heavily-minority district in a presidential election year that had Barack Obama as the top of the ticket. With no such tailwind this […]

Regardless of Primary Election Results, Conservatives Won BIG! »

Regardless of Primary Election Results, Conservatives Won BIG!

The number of races in which credible conservative candidates challenged moderate, establishment-backed candidates in Nevada this year was unprecedented. And regardless of whether or not the conservative candidate chalked up more votes at the ballot box, conservatives won. Big time. Consider the GOP primary contest between moderate Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson and conservative challenger Carl Bunce. Roberson’s voting record was one of the absolute worst in 2013. He not only voted to extend the […]

Nevada’s GOP Elite Strikes Back »

Nevada’s GOP Elite Strikes Back

(by Walt Nowosad) – On the heels of last week’s campaign finance report filing, which showed that the campaign of the challenger for Assemblyman Jim Wheeler’s District 39 seat is being primarily financed by interests outside District 39, voters received disturbing evidence of exactly what type of campaign is being waged against the top rated Assemblyman. Robin Reedy’s expense report showed that she spent the vast majority of her funds with one of the largest […]

At Any Price »

At Any Price

(by Walt Nowosad) – When I lived in Key West, FL in the early seventies there was an election for county sheriff that was hotly contested; so hotly contested that there were stories going around that the incumbent had been buying votes. An opportunity arose that brought the incumbent and me to the same table in a local restaurant.  I asked him if he thought it was fair to his opponents if, in fact, he […]

Citizen Outreach PAC Announces 2014 Endorsements »

Citizen Outreach PAC Announces 2014 Endorsements

With early voting starting tomorrow, Citizen Outreach PAC is announcing today endorsements for various 2014 Nevada statewide and legislative primary races. In addition to weighing the conservative bona fides of the candidates and their triple “bilities” – credibility, viability and believability – we also implemented a litmus test this cycle: No endorsement unless the candidate has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Why?  Two reasons… 1.)  If they won’t sign the Pledge, history has shown they […]