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  • Politics
    Appeal: Lyon family doctor wants to challenge Sen. Reid

    After 25 years as a family doctor in Lyon County, Robin Titus says it’s time to put someone who understands health care issues in the U.S. Senate. Read the rest here

  • Politics
    Noonan: Teaching the GOP Establishment a Lesson

    Its a three-way race in NY-23 to fill the seat vacated by Obama’s Secretary of the Army. Read the rest here

  • Government
    AP: State Workers Stage Protest in Las Vegas

    More than 100 state employees staged a protest in Las Vegas today over staffing levels at state facilities that provide essential public services. Read more here

  • Politics
    FOX: Republicans Eye Democratic Leaders in 2010 Midterm Elections

    Republicans are targeting seats that they haven’t pursued in decades, including seats held by Democratic leaders whose approval ratings are plunging according to polls. Read the rest here

  • Opinion
    LV Sun: A bad traffic jam

    The state’s inadequate and poorly maintained roads and highways, coupled with rush-hour traffic, cost Nevadans $1.8 billion a year in extra vehicle operating costs and lost time, according to a report released this week. Read the rest here

  • Opinion
    LV Sun: End the inertia on energy

    State lawmakers spent considerable time this year debating plans to develop the renewable energy industry in Nevada. New legislation created the position of energy commissioner and was supposed to help state officials move quickly to attract renewable energy companies. Read the rest here

  • Opinion
    Coolican: Why there’s hope for Reid: Nevada isn’t South Dakota

    Two normally savvy observers weighed in on Sen. Harry Reid’s electoral prospects, and both were, well, sort of wrong. Read the rest here

  • Opinion
    Ralston: What a meeting between Harry and Rory Reid must be like these days

    (Jon Ralston) – Harry and Rory meet to talk in a small room at the back of Searchlight’s General Store: Read the rest here

  • Opinion
    Cook: Reid, champion of the filibuster, might nuke it

    (Glenn Cook) – If Harry Reid decides to use the Senate’s “reconciliation” process to ram health care legislation through his chamber and crush a filibuster, then he’ll have to reconcile something else: his astounding hypocrisy. Read the rest here

  • Opinion
    Parsons: Only You Can Prevent Liberals

    (Bill Parsons) – On November 13-15, 2009, the Nevada Republican Party will elect new officers and directors for the upcoming term. YOUR voice must be heard if you want to insure that those officers elected are true Conservatives and share the core values of true Conservatives. If you remain silent, you inevitably...

  • About Us
    Staff Writer: Felecia Dorchuck

    Felecia Dorchuck is an original co-founder of Citizen Outreach and currently serves as the organization’s Treasurer. Felecia focuses on local conservative events and politics in Las Vegas.

  • Opinion
    Stone Joins Nevada Newsmakers as Associate Producer-Reporter

    Sam Shad Productions has hired veteran reporter and producer Samantha Stone to join the Nevada Newsmakers team, assuming the duties of Executive Producer Bonnie McCorkle. McCorkle plans to continue with Sam Shad Productions working on special projects. Stone will also serve as a co-host, and field reporter, allowing Nevada Newsmakers – a...

  • Politics
    State Senator Sets Sights on Assembly Due to Term Limits

    (Sean Whaley/Nevada News Bureau) – With term limits taking effect for 17 veteran state lawmakers in 2010, those who want to continue to serve are setting their sights on other elective office. A number of state Assembly candidates are looking to move up into a vacant state Senate seat. But in at...

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