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    Team Tark Pulls Boner, Starts Spinning Tangled Web of Deception

    (Chuck Muth) - Late yesterday afternoon, political pundit Jon Ralston reported that the Tarkanian for U.S. Senate...

  • Opinion
    Assemblyman Goedhart: The Only Legislator to Lead by Example

    (Chuck Muth) – Earlier this year, lawmakers rejected Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons’ recommendation to cut state worker salaries by 6 percent, opting instead for 24-day furloughs that will reduce salaries by 4.5 percent for two years,” reports Anjeanette Damon of the Reno Gazette-Journal this morning. “But while most of the state’s constitutional...

  • Government
    Random Thoughts on Excuses for Not Laying off Government Employees

    (Chuck Muth) – An excellent Las Vegas Sun story today regarding layoffs of state workers – or, more accurately, the lack of layoffs of government workers – ought to open some eyes; even among many state legislators who usually prefer to remain blind to reality. Here’s the “money quote” from the first...

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    Reno RINO Ripping Republicans Apart

    (Chuck Muth) – In a Nevada Newsmakers interview this week, Sen. Bill Raggio (R-Reno) said: “I think divisive primaries are hurting the Republican Party. We ought to be encouraging unity in the party instead of extremism trying to rip it apart.” Really? By now, we all know how Sen. Raggio has a...

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    Black Thursday for Clark County GOP

    (Chuck Muth) - The Clark County GOP has been a house divided and unable to get its...

  • Politics
    Nevada GOP Sits on Santa’s Lap

    (Chuck Muth) - Newly elected Nevada GOP Chief Chris Comfort is gonna need all the help he...

  • Politics
    CANDID CANDIDATE: An e-Interview with Todd “Taxpayer” Bailey

    Todd "Taxpayer" Bailey is a candidate for Nevada Senate District 4 (Washoe County) and participated in the...

  • Politics
    You Might Be a RINO If…

    (Chuck Muth) - To ascertain with relative certainty whether or not some Nevada Republican state legislators are...

  • Politics
    GOP Leader Disses Governor, Dumps on Fiscal Conservatives

    (Chuck Muth) – Heidi Gansert can’t be seen as anything but an opportunist here. Now that she’s seen poll numbers showing that Brian Sandoval enjoys a healthy lead over Gov. Jim Gibbons, she throws Gibbons completely under the bus while spitting in the eyes of fiscal conservatives.

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    Titus, Berkley Dissemble on Illegals and Health Care Reform

    (Chuck Muth) – The following exchange took place on the November 27th edition of Nevada Week in Review hosted by Mitch Fox…. FOX: Settle it once and for all. Does this bill provide coverage for illegal immigrants, yes or no? REP. DINA TITUS (D-Nev.): No. No. You can point to page, chapter...

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    Nevada Politicians Abusing Taxpayer Funds to Campaign

    (Chuck Muth) – There was a large, almost half-page ad in Sunday’s Las Vegas Review-Journal announcing an upcoming auction being conducted by the Office of the State Treasurer. The ad included the date, time and location of the auction, the terms and conditions of the auction and the website addresses where you...

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    Townsend’s Excuses for Raggio Way Off Base

    (Chuck Muth) - “In the Republican Party particularly, there is a fatigue with RINOs and moderate Republicans," Rush Limbaugh said recently, referring to "Republicans in Name Only." That fatigue appears to be motivating a recall of Nevada's Senate Minority Leader in Reno.

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    The Joe Isuzu of United States Senators

    (Chuck Muth) - "Joe Isuzu was a fictional spokesman used in a series of television advertisements for Isuzu," explains Wikipedia. He "was a pathological liar who made outrageous and over-inflated claims about Isuzu’s cars." Joe Isuzu had nothing on John Ensign.

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