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    Rory Reid Says Dad Wrong, Yucca Mountain is Safe

    Most of what Harry Reid says about safety concerns over the Yucca Mountain project is pure, unadulterated political flapdoodle. It’s interesting to discover that his son apparently feels the same way.

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    Reid Challenger Lowden: Harry’s Lost Touch

    (NewsMax) – Reid Challenger Lowden: Harry’s Lost Touch Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has become a “Nancy Pelosi liberal” and has lost touch with his constituents in Nevada, says Republican Sue Lowden, who holds a double-digit lead over Reid in recent polls. – Read the rest here

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    Sandoval’s “Last Resort” Loophole

    (Muth’s Truths) – GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval is a VERY likeable person and may, indeed, be the Republican Party’s best chance to retain control of the governor’s office for the 2011 redistricting session of the Legislature. But when it comes to some basic public policy issues, the man is fuzzier than...

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    LVRJ: The Feds and Sheriff Joe

    When officials in the Obama administration said they would reform a Bush administration program under which members of local police departments were allowed to get some specialized training and then help bust illegal immigrants, they assured critics it was just “fine-tuning.” Not so, critics warned: The Obamanites were laying the groundwork to...

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    A Look at Senate Race $$ Numbers

    (Muth’s Truths) – Jon Ralston researched and published on Saturday the third quarter fundraising numbers for the Nevada U.S. Senate race. Although Jon included the gross amounts raised as well as the amount the candidates spent, received from PACs, owe in debts and ending balance cash on hand, I only want to...

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    A Taxing Observation

    (Muth’s Truths) – A Taxing Observation – Jim Gibbons campaigned on a promise not to raise taxes. Though he fell off the wagon once on the room tax earlier this year, he’s otherwise kept that promise. So we have a candidate who campaigned on a specific platform, was given a mandate to...

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    Sweet Phoebe Purebread Has a Cow

    (Chuck Muth) – It seems “Sweet Phoebe Purebread,” the communications director for the Nevada Reid-Democrat-Union Party, has her knickers in a knot/tights in a twist over the establishment of our independent Nevada News Bureau. “Last Tuesday we pointed out that anything coming out of the new Nevada News Bureau – founded as...

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    Citizen Outreach Announces First-Ever Kids Happy Hour & Deck Party

    (Chuck Muth) – Our First Friday Happy Hour Brew-ha-ha’s have been so big and so successful that everyone now wants to get in on the act, including my kids. And the more I thought about it, the more it occurred to me that an awful lot of conservative and libertarian parents with...

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    Hey, Kids Like to Party Hardy, Too!

    Moms and dads, boys and girls, libertarians and conservatives of all ages, mark your calendars right now for the first-ever Citizen Outreach “Kids Happy Hour & Deck Party”!

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    Muth’s Truths – October 14, 2009

    Snowe Job: Sen. Olympia Snowe (RINO-Maine) says she only voted for the health care bill in the Senate Finance Committee yesterday to keep the process moving, not necessarily because she supports the bill. Bull. The Democrats have a veto-proof majority in the Senate. They didn’t need her vote to keep the process...

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    The Trials and Tribulations of Li’l Nate

    (Muth’s Truths) – Our resident Gadfly-in-Chief, Nathan Taylor, is not only mulling a run for the Nevada State Assembly – where he’d actually fit right in with all the other RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) – but on Monday he sent out a press release loaded with exclamation points(!) about being treated...

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    Homeschoolers Do Much Better for Much Less

    (Nevada News Bureau) – A new study commissioned by the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and conducted by Dr. Brian D. Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute shows home-schooled children performing significantly better than their public school counterparts in numerous ways. The study collected data in the spring of...

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    A Day in the Life of the Chosen One

    (Chuck Muth) – What a day yesterday was for President Barack Obama!

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