Chuck Muth

  • Politics
    Sandoval and the Tax Pledge

    Immediately upon announcing as a Republican candidate for governor last week, former federal judge Brian Sandoval declared that the would not sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising voters that as governor he would “oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.” Warning! Warning! Danger, Will Robinson! Now, if Sandoval...

  • Opinion
    Time to Break Out the Pink Slips

    Immediately following a meeting with Gov. Jim Gibbons last week, Democratic legislators, as well as some moderate Republicans, emerged and proclaimed adamantly that the state budget couldn’t be cut any further. Wow, talk about broken records and boys who cry wolf. These legislators have been saying there’s nothing more to cut since….well,...

  • Government
    Pot vs. Booze: The $10,000 Challenge

    (Las Vegas, NV) – The Marijuana Policy Project of Nevada ( announced on Wednesday that it will pay $10,000 to any Nevadan who can disprove three statements of fact which they say demonstrate that marijuana is objectively and unquestionably safer than alcohol. MPP-NV manager Dave Schwartz made the announcement at a press...

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