Sunday , 29 November 2015


Patent troll throttles innovative helmet technology with frivolous lawsuit

Congress needs to step in and stop abuse before somebody gets killed

  (Chris Zenthoefer) – Many lawmakers in Washington probably haven’t heard of my company ICEdot, but they have certainly heard of patent trolls. And, unfortunately for my Oklahoma-based startup, we have come face to face with one. We were sued by a patent troll that claimed our emergency identification and notification system infringed on their patent. As a result, we …

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The $5 million dream business that’s become a nightmare

Owner trying to run his business as if he were building a campfire with only kindling

(Robert Skrob) – Once you build a large fire, the coals will stay warm for hours as you leisurely cook your favorite campfire meal. You can relax and enjoy the fire, tending to it periodically to maintain its heat. But it’s impossible to start a fire without kindling. Job one of campfire building is to gather kindling, small sticks and …

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Frightfully Clueless Clinton Goes Nuts over Pfizer-Allergan Merger

Democrat prez candidate ignoring underlying problem causing “corporate inversions”

(Americans for Tax Reform) – In response to the announcement that pharmaceutical firms Pfizer and Allergan would merge, Hillary Clinton released a statement that completely missed the real issue behind these inversions – they are a symptom of the greedy, complex, and inefficient U.S. tax code. “Inversion is a symptom, not a disease,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for …

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Big Candy Launches “Surge” Against Rubio, U.S. Sugar Program

Candies and chocolates are the best end products of sugar. (Image Courtesy: Pixabay)

(Chuck Muth) – Candy-makers and confectioners – intent on importing artificially cheap, foreign subsidized sugar – have recently ratcheted up PR efforts to kill the U.S. sugar program, including shooting at the presidential campaign of Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio. “Marco Rubio owes his political existence to Big Sugar,” declares Alan Farago in the Huffington Post. “Marco Rubio needs to get …

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What Wayne Gretzky can teach opponents of the U.S. Sugar Program

Wayne Gretzky

(Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach) – If you’re part of the establishment wing of the GOP you’re in near-panic mode these days as anointed presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s campaign continues in its political death spiral. Which may explain recent attacks against upstart Sen. Marco Rubio on an otherwise obscure issue that really only benefits one special interest… Big Candy. In a …

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Fighting a Patent Troll and living to tell about it

(Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach) – How often can you sit down and have a rational discussion with an extortionist and persuade them to change their evil ways? Ah, but hope springs eternal. And it’s human nature for most of us to believe the best in our fellow man and that reasonable people can reason together to resolve issues and disputes. …

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Halloween is over, but Sugar Program Scare Tactics continue

Sugar skulls are the most common recipe in Mexico during Halloween.

(Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach) – Well, another Halloween has come and gone, but not before opponents of the U.S. sugar program once again tried to scare the bejeepers out of members of Congress with frightening tales of consumers being fleeced over the cost of sweets dropped into the bags of costumed trick-or-treaters knocking on the door. But like most spooky …

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Indian Sugar Program “Helping” Farmers to Death

sugar 5

(Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach) – If you think the U.S. sugar program is bad, you should take a look at the sugar industry mess in India. At least in the U.S. you don’t have farmers committing suicide over government agricultural policies. According to a recent Business Standard report, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is planning a ‘Raita Chaitanya Yatre’ (farmer’s …

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Ag Committee Hearing: Foreign Subsidies Jeopardizing Free Trade and Harming American Farmers

(Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach) – The House Committee on Agriculture conducted a hearing on October 21 exploring how foreign government meddling in various agricultural markets was hurting U.S. farmers while making a mockery of the notion of “free trade.” In opening remarks, Committee Chairman K. Michael Conaway noted that when it comes to government subsidies, “in many cases what foreign countries …

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Nevada’s Republican representatives vote to lift ban on oil exports

Nevada Republican rep vote to lift ban on oil exports

(Thomas Mitchell) – Recently the U.S. House voted 261-159 — largely along party lines as usual — to lift the 40-year-old ban on exporting crude oil. If the bill can pass the Senate and survive a threatened veto by Obama — that would require 290 votes in the House to overturn — it would create thousands of jobs, boast the economy, provide …

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