Should You Go Solar?

(Kurt Rice) - For me, the thought of using the sun’s asphalt-melting energy to power my air-conditioned cocoon, light up my big screen and chill my beer is a dream right up there with putting a human colony on Mars. Unfortunately, for the last several decades, photovoltaic (PV) solar power hasn’t … [Read more...]

Memo to Apple CEO Tim Cook


(Fred Weinberg) - I caught your screed against a new Indiana law which prohibits government from penalizing bakers and photographers who, for religious reasons, do not wish to accommodate gay customers’ weddings. Now, personally, I don’t know why any small business these days would turn down … [Read more...]

Study Projects Substantial Damage from Proposed Nevada Business License Fee Increase

Researchers anticipate revenue shortfalls, declines in entity filings if Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval’s proposed fee increase is implemented (Mass Media) - Las Vegas. The Nevada Registered Agent Association, an organization of commercial registered agents representing thousands of businesses across … [Read more...]