Brexit: Theresa May to meet Irish PM Enda Kenny for talks

CTA - common travel agreement bet UK and Ireland

(BBC) – To discuss the implications of Brexit to UK’s trade deals with the Republic of Ireland and to the arrangements over the common travel area (CTA), PM Theresa May will meet Irish PM Enda Kenny at UK’s premises. Kenny’s visit will be the first visit of a foreign leader in …

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Forget Brexit, Quitaly is Europe’s next worry


(Larry Elliott, The Guardian) – Pending settlement on Britain’s exit from European Union, here is a rising notion from Italy’s anti-establishment group 5 Star Movement of carrying out a referendum for the purpose of exiting the union. This would mean that the country would be taking an independent life off of …

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Fewer People Are Starting Their Own Businesses

fewer people

(Kerry Close, Bad news for aspiring entrepreneurs: Now might not be the best time to launch your own business. Total entrepreneurial activity in the U.S.—measured by the number of people starting and operating new businesses—fell to 12% in 2015, from 14% in 2014, according to a report released Tuesday …

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Expert: ‘Pokemon Go’ could allow hackers total phone takeover


(Rudy Takala, WashingtonExaminer) In addition to hemorrhaging personal data, a new Pokemon game could allow hackers to assume complete control of a user’s smartphone, according to a former Pentagon intelligence official. The assessment came from Tyler Cohen Wood, a former senior intelligence officer at the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency, speaking …

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Republicans Vote To Include Right-To-Work On Party Platform


(Connor D. Wolf, The Daily Caller) Republican delegates reaffirmed support for a nationwide right-to-work law Monday during a vote on the party platform at the Republican National Convention. Republicans have included right-to-work in past party platforms with the latest vote furthering that support. The policy outlaws mandatory union dues or fees …

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Is Trump Wall Street’s Brexit moment?

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump expresses no desire to support the GOP Presidential nominee if it would not be him. (Courtesy: Newsmax)

(Adam Shell, USA Today) – Will the same scenario as that of Brexit voting last month happen in U.S. upon Donald Trump claiming victory and running America few months from now? There is clamor from the investors on the possible impact that Trump administration might bring to U.S. trade and commerce. …

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Which Stage of Entrepreneurial Journey Are You In?


(Ami Kassar, Inc) – Whether you’re on into running your first business or on your way cutting ribbon for the third, fourth, etc. business establishment you have, for sure you will experience the various stages of being an entrepreneur or have gone so far and got yourself adept into the different …

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Starbucks is raising prices


(Kathryn Vasel, CNN Money) Customers will pay 10 cents to 20 cents more for “select sizes” of coffee drinks and 10 cents to 30 cents more for espresso and latte beverages. The price hikes will vary by market, Starbucks said Tuesday. But it said that 65% of its beverage prices …

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Elon Musk pedestal crumbling


(Therese Poletti, MarketWatch) The Steve Jobs–style reverence that fans have granted Elon Musk and the tremendous growth of the companies he has backed have helped the CEO of Tesla Motors Inc. weather years of questionable moves. His pedestal is now in peril, however, amid a jaw-dropping series of hazardous developments …

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THIRD self-driving car crash?


(Fred Lambert, Electrek) Ever since the very publicized fatal Florida accident in a Model S while the Autopilot was activated, Tesla’s semi-autonomous driver assist system has been getting its reputation tarnished in the media. Autopilot took blame for a few subsequent incidents, despite nothing currently pointing to the system being …

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