Saturday , 28 November 2015


Patent troll throttles innovative helmet technology with frivolous lawsuit

Congress needs to step in and stop abuse before somebody gets killed

  (Chris Zenthoefer) – Many lawmakers in Washington probably haven’t heard of my company ICEdot, but they have certainly heard of patent trolls. And, unfortunately for my Oklahoma-based startup, we have come face to face with one. We were sued by a patent troll that claimed our emergency identification and notification system infringed on their patent. As a result, we …

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Debunking the “Desperate Arguments” against Commerce Tax Referendum

R.I.P. PAC ready to unleash "legions of folks" to put tax repeal on next year's ballot

(Ron Knecht and Geoffrey Lawrence) – Today we’re thankful that the widely despised Commerce Tax is moving toward a Nevada voter referendum. Acting for the concerned citizens of RIP Commerce Tax, Inc., Ron filed a referendum petition on that tax in October.  Tax-hike advocates brought a meritless law suit seeking to deny you a vote on it.  RIP filed its …

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Sessions Identifies 15 Implicated Terrorists Already Admitted into the US

Senator reminds that the Boston Bombers had been granted asylum

(NN&V Staff) – Sens. Jeff Sessions has authored appropriations language that would prevent any of the President Barack Obama’s resettlement orders from being put into effect until Congress passes a separate resolution to authorize it. Of deep concern to Sen. Sessions and others are refugees already admitted to the United States who have been implicated in terrorist or criminal activity, …

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Conservatives to Congress: Do Not Bail Out Obamacare Insurers!

Coalition opposes short-sighted band aid solutions that will waste billions in taxpayer funds

(American for Tax Reform) – Several free market individuals and organizations have signed a coalition letter urging Congress to maintain appropriations language restricting the use of Obamacare’s Risk Corridor program. Signers of the letter include leadership from Heritage Action, Club for Growth, American Commitment, Independent Women’s Voice, Americans for Prosperity, Tea Party Patriots, and Freedom Works. Recently, the Obama administration …

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Reno mayor flip-flops, tells Syrian refugees to pound sand

Democrat denies lending support for resettlement program in Reno

(NN&V Staff) – Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve is backpedaling on claims by a northern Nevada non-profit organization that she and the city support its plans to set up a resettlement operation in their backyard for Syrian, Iraqi and Cuban refugees. “Schieve said several months ago she had reached out to the center to learn more about how Reno might become …

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Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Opposes Refugee Resettlement


(NN&V Staff) – In response to the Syrian refugee crisis, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) National President, Nathan Catura, issued the following statement: “The White House recently reported that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) referred 23,092 Syrian refugees to the admission program. From those 23,000 refugees, the White House wants to admit about 10,000 men, women …

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10 Things to Never Forget about “Gang of Eight” Amnesty Bill


Sen. Jeff Sessions and Rep. Dave Brat recently wrote an oped published by Roll Call in Washington, DC titled “Memo to GOP: Curb Immigration or Quit.”  In it they wrote… “America is about to break every known immigration record. And yet you are unlikely to hear a word about it. “The Census Bureau projects that the foreign-born share of the …

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Big Candy Launches “Surge” Against Rubio, U.S. Sugar Program

Candies and chocolates are the best end products of sugar. (Image Courtesy: Pixabay)

(Chuck Muth) – Candy-makers and confectioners – intent on importing artificially cheap, foreign subsidized sugar – have recently ratcheted up PR efforts to kill the U.S. sugar program, including shooting at the presidential campaign of Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio. “Marco Rubio owes his political existence to Big Sugar,” declares Alan Farago in the Huffington Post. “Marco Rubio needs to get …

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Medicaid Expansion Poses Major Threat to States Foolish Enough to Embrace It

Medicaid expansion has "blown holes" in state budgets

(Chuck Muth) – In a troubling opinion column on Monday headlined, “Medicaid Expansion Is Proving to Be a Bad Bargain for States,” Evelyn Everton and Chris Hudson of Americans for Prosperity note that 30 states accepted what were “essentially bribes” in order to expand their Medicaid programs. “Advocates in Washington of the Affordable Care Act have been fighting tooth and …

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