Obama Resurrects Death Tax, Targets Family Farmers

Obama Death Tax

If there’s anything more quintessentially American than baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet, it’s the American family farmer.  Indeed, the American Gothic painting of a pitchfork-wielding farmer and his daughter is one of the most recognized works of art in all of American culture. Right … [Read more...]

De Toqueville and the Indian Sugar Market

Indian Sugar Market

In a recent column published by Forbes.com, Tim Worstall, author of “23 Things We Are Telling You About Capitalism,” explains how India’s sugar subsidy programs are distorting the global market.  The big underlying problem is government price-fixing… “Each year the federal government and states fix … [Read more...]

Sugar’s “Free Market” at Work

(Chuck Muth) - How do you boost the cost of sugar in India without boosting the cost of sugar in India? Simple.  If you’re the Indian government you jack up the cost of government-mandated ethanol, and sugar prices will zoom to the moon on their own. In what the Economic Times characterized as … [Read more...]