• Ralston cries ‘Lame!’ as foes of Harry Reid cry foul

    (Jon Ralston) – Here’s what’s not news: That Reid will do anything to win. Continue reading…

  • Angle To Announce Her Run Against Reid

    (KVVU) – Four-term Nevada State Assemblywoman Sharron Angle (R-Nev.) plans to make an official decision in Las Vegas as to whether or not she will be running against Democratic U.S. Sen. Harry Reid. Continue reading…

  • We must GET RID of Harry Reid at ANY cost in 2010

    (Docudharma) – It is time to stop bitching about Harry Reid. It is time to do something about him politically. Continue reading…

  • Harry Reid campaign confirms it has phaser technology

    (Steve Sebelius) – The campaign of U.S. Sen. Harry Reid has developed advanced phaser technology, and has confirmed a willingness to use it, according to a story today in Politico. Continue reading….

  • Stimulus-funded SBA loan program attracting too few

    (Las Vegas Business Press) – Nevada ranks fifth from bottom in American Recovery Capital loans funded. Continue reading…

  • Medical marijuana decision won’t affect Nevada, officials say

    (LVRJ) – The Obama administration’s decision to no longer prosecute medical marijuana users won’t have any effect in Nevada, which never has had an approved patient face federal charges, state and law enforcement representatives said today. – Read more here

  • Murren says Wynn doesn’t speak for the entire industry

    (Stutz) – MGM Mirage boss Jim Murren doesn’t mind that rival casino operator Steve Wynn made the rounds on cable television recently. – Read the rest here

  • Debate Over Liberty Not for the Squeamish

    (Mitchell) – Whilst contemplating the angst over the strong and somewhat bellicose language accompanying the story of the Oath Keepers, I began to recall some words used in earlier times, more perilous times. – Read the rest here

  • Brian Sandoval: Nevada’s man of mystery

    (CityLife) – Brian Sandoval is nothing if not cautious. It’s a trait that tends to keep him out of political messes (mostly), but one that can frustrate people who want to know exactly what he wants to do if he’s elected governor in November 2010. – Read more here

  • Moonbats generously provide Harry Reid with political cover at home

    (Gleaner) – Remember how some lefties were going to run an ad in Nevada telling your Senate majority leader not to wuss out on the public option? Here ’tis: – Read more here

  • Unemployment, Deficit Continue Climbing Upward Despite Reid’s “Stimulus”

    Just days after U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Vice President Joe Biden attempted a self-congratulatory political event in Reno bragging about the success of the so-called “stimulus” bill, new numbers show Nevada’s unemployment rate continued trending upward during the month of September 2009. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal,...

  • Sandoval’s “Last Resort” Loophole

    (Muth’s Truths) – GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval is a VERY likeable person and may, indeed, be the Republican Party’s best chance to retain control of the governor’s office for the 2011 redistricting session of the Legislature. But when it comes to some basic public policy issues, the man is fuzzier than...

  • AP: Nevada opts not to post recovery road work signs

    Nevada officials have opted not to erect signs letting motorists know which highway projects are being paid for by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Read the rest here

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