• Digital Journal: AG Holder Tours Vegas Fusion Center

    Senator Harry Reid hosted US Attorney General Eric Holder at the Las Vegas Fusion Counterterrorism Center Friday, taking a tour of the facilities and viewing some of the equipment that officers use. Read the rest here

  • LV Sun: A bad traffic jam

    The state’s inadequate and poorly maintained roads and highways, coupled with rush-hour traffic, cost Nevadans $1.8 billion a year in extra vehicle operating costs and lost time, according to a report released this week. Read the rest here

  • LV Sun: End the inertia on energy

    State lawmakers spent considerable time this year debating plans to develop the renewable energy industry in Nevada. New legislation created the position of energy commissioner and was supposed to help state officials move quickly to attract renewable energy companies. Read the rest here

  • Coolican: Why there’s hope for Reid: Nevada isn’t South Dakota

    Two normally savvy observers weighed in on Sen. Harry Reid’s electoral prospects, and both were, well, sort of wrong. Read the rest here

  • Ralston: What a meeting between Harry and Rory Reid must be like these days

    (Jon Ralston) – Harry and Rory meet to talk in a small room at the back of Searchlight’s General Store: Read the rest here

  • Cook: Reid, champion of the filibuster, might nuke it

    (Glenn Cook) – If Harry Reid decides to use the Senate’s “reconciliation” process to ram health care legislation through his chamber and crush a filibuster, then he’ll have to reconcile something else: his astounding hypocrisy. Read the rest here

  • Parsons: Only You Can Prevent Liberals

    (Bill Parsons) – On November 13-15, 2009, the Nevada Republican Party will elect new officers and directors for the upcoming term. YOUR voice must be heard if you want to insure that those officers elected are true Conservatives and share the core values of true Conservatives. If you remain silent, you inevitably...

  • Stone Joins Nevada Newsmakers as Associate Producer-Reporter

    Sam Shad Productions has hired veteran reporter and producer Samantha Stone to join the Nevada Newsmakers team, assuming the duties of Executive Producer Bonnie McCorkle. McCorkle plans to continue with Sam Shad Productions working on special projects. Stone will also serve as a co-host, and field reporter, allowing Nevada Newsmakers – a...

  • A Taxing Observation

    (Muth’s Truths) – A Taxing Observation – Jim Gibbons campaigned on a promise not to raise taxes. Though he fell off the wagon once on the room tax earlier this year, he’s otherwise kept that promise. So we have a candidate who campaigned on a specific platform, was given a mandate to...

  • Reno Chamber to Host Supply-Chain/Global Business Forum

    The Reno Sparks Chamber of Commerce, northern Nevada’s largest business organization, and the Nevada World Trade Council (NEWTRAC), are collaborating on a Forum on Supply-Chain Management and Doing Business Globally on November 4. Speakers will include Haws Corporation CEO Sallie Haws and Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority CEO Krys Bart; Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki;...

  • Real Sanctions on Iran Needed Now

    (Pat Toomey) – Last month, news of a second secret Iranian nuclear facility set off alarm bells in Israel and in America, and for good reason. Yes, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad continues to insist that the new nuclear facility is part of a plan to develop peaceful nuclear energy, but his duplicity...

  • Shelley Berkley Relishes Leading NVDEMS

    (Mike Zahara) – As more and more of the grown-ups in the state are preparing themselves and accepting Senator Harry Reid being badly defeated and bringing down the local Democratic ticket in 2010, there’s at least one person who’s contemplating changes when she takes the crown and scepter of the Nevada State...

  • Railroad Union Chief Solicits Bribes from Lawyer, Gets Arrested

    (Warner Todd Huston) – Eddie Rodzwicz (don’t ask me to pronounce that one) is sure to claim he was railroaded. Like a good union thug he’ll likely try to blame everyone else. But whatever Ed claims about the charges filed against him it seems he’s run off the rails. It’s charges of...

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