Lawsuit filed to protect Tax Repeal Referendum

(Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach) - They say a good offense is the best defense. As such and on behalf of the We Decide Coalition – plus three conservative members of the State Assembly who voted AGAINST the largest tax hike in Nevada history (SB 483) in the recently-concluded 2015 legislative … [Read more...]

Mitchell: Nevada co-op failure a sign of how the single-payer scheme is working?

Nevada Health Co-op office. (Photo by Jeff Scheid, Las Vegas Review-Journal)

(Thomas Mitchell) - Obamacare is a black hole into which taxpayer money is being poured. It is bad enough that the union-backed Nevada Health Co-op has gone belly up with little chance of it ever repaying its $66 billion federal start-up loan, since it lost $42 million in the past year and a … [Read more...]

Washoe GOP, Nevada Log Cabin Republicans stand for LGBT rights

(Adam Khan, Washoe County Republican Party) - As the 2016 elections rapidly approach, the Washoe County Republican Party is gearing up its efforts to register Republican voters and make sure that the failed policies of the past six years come to an abrupt halt. As Americans, we are incredibly … [Read more...]

Obama preaches his clean energy heresy to the choir

Obama and Reid (Photo by John Locher, Associated Press).

(Thomas Mitchell) - When Obama took the stage to close out Harry Reid’s traveling planet salvation show Monday at Mandalay Bay, he accused the opponents of his sweeping clean energy plan to prevent climate change of spreading misinformation. “We refuse to surrender the hope of a clean energy … [Read more...]

Did Reid threaten the electric utility industry?

(Thomas Mitchell) - Soon NV Energy President Paul Caudill will take the stage at Reid’s clean energy confab. I wonder if he listened to Reid’s opening monologue? Here is the clip from that speech as posted online by his personal newsletter: I look forward to President Obama outlining his … [Read more...]

Heck to address business leaders at Las Vegas Metro Chamber Eggs & Issues Breakfast

(Greg Lemon) - On Thursday, August 27, Congressman Joe Heck (NV-03) will deliver remarks at the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce’s Eggs & Issues Breakfast. Congressman Heck will discuss boosting job growth and growing the economy, improving healthcare, strengthening our education system, … [Read more...]

Obama-Reid energy policies continue hurting Nevadans

(Priorities Nevada) - LAS VEGAS - As government-funded clean energy projects around the country continue to prove wasteful and ineffective, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama are preparing once again to deny the reality of their ill-conceived energy agenda at the eighth annual … [Read more...]