Catherine Cortez Masto’s trail of corruption

Catherine Cortez Masto

(Brian Baluta, DrJoeHeck) Today, the Dr. Joe Heck for U.S. Senate campaign announced the launch of CorruptCatherine.com – a website and social media effort to shine light on Catherine Cortez Masto’s long history of partisan political games with shady cronies. For more than two decades, Catherine Cortez Masto has traded political …

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Trump Campaign as Exciting Now as Reagan’s in 1980


(CHQ Staff, ConservativeHQ) In an exclusive appearance on the Steve Malzberg Show CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie on Wednesday praised the shakeup of Donald Trump’s campaign, calling it “exciting” and telling Newsmax TV he hasn’t “seen anything like this since the 1980 Reagan campaign.” You can watch the entire video interview through this link. “I’ve had …

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Want Hitler’s Big Lie? Hillary’s Your Man


(Fred Weinberg, Penny Press) She flat out lied when she said that she told Americans the truth about her email issues and then she said that was what FBI Director James Comey said.  And she did this in the face of a video clip of Comey telling a Congressional Committee …

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Harry Reid’s D.C. friends attack Joe Heck with another $1.5 million worth of lies

Senate Democrats discuss budget, spending cuts in Washington

(Brian Baluta, DrJoeJeck.com ) After Harry Reid’s super PAC was hit was a “mostly false” for their “highly misleading” attack on Dr. Joe Heck, Nevada’s “meddler-in-chief” Reid has called in more D.C. friends to prop up his handpicked candidate, and “partisan bully,” Catherine Cortez Masto. “Dr. Joe Heck’s parents depend on Social …

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Clinton acceptance speech showed the right concerns about American worker maladies . . . but her immigration prescription would prolong the illness


(ROY BECK, NumbersUSA) In her acceptance speech last night, Hillary Clinton laid out several of the most important reasons why I work to dramatically reduce overall immigration: “Too many people haven’t had a pay raise since the crash. “There’s too much inequality. “Too little social mobility. “Americans are willing to …

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Trump’s Mocking Hillary’s ‘Missing’ Emails Proves Media Don’t Get It


(Mark J. Fitzgibbons, AmericanThinker) When Donald Trump said maybe Russia will “find” Hillary Clinton’s lost emails – you know, the ones that the Obama Justice Department claimed it could not find — and then added, “I think [they] will probably be rewarded mightily by our press,” I laughed out loud. …

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Has Obama’s act worn thin? President paints rosier picture of U.S. than voters see


(Byron York, WashingtonExaminer) For all his appeal as a speaker, and for all the love coming from Democrats crowded inside the Wells Fargo Arena, President Obama made a classic mistake in his address to the Democratic convention Wednesday night. Determined to defend his own accomplishments in office as well as …

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Media won’t ask Chelsea Clinton about her father’s treatment of women


(Ashe Schow, WashingtonExaminer) Ivanka Trump, daughter of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, is constantly asked about her father’s treatment of and statements about women. The same cannot be said of Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President Bill Clinton and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Ivanka has been grilled by CBS, …

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Do The Democrats Realize They Could Lose?


(Ben Domenech, The Federalist) What the Democratic Party needed to do in Philadelphia was simple: they needed to depict themselves as being at the center of the American political scene. They could do this by highlighting the big tent aspects of their party, focusing on economic issues, and going hard …

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Assange: WikiLeaks to release ‘a lot more’ on US elections

Wikileaks to release more emails of Hillary on elections

(Mark Hensch, The Hill) – WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, declared the organization will divulge more of Hillary Clinton’s emails during the elections. In an interview by CNN’s Matthew Chance, Assange did not admit Russia’s involvement of the alleged hack of Hillary’s emails but only raised the impression that WikiLeaks is a source …

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