Obama’s utopian vision to redraw every neighborhood in America

Department of Housing and Urban Development

(Bill Wilson, NetRightDaily.com) - Once again everything is ostensibly geared toward addressing alleged discrimination so as to secure “upward mobility” for impoverished minorities. Couldn’t afford the American Dream of owning a home? Not to worry. After a bogus government study concocted the … [Read more...]

LVRJ: Nevada conservatives launch call to battle against tax hikes

(Ben Botkin of Las Vegas Review-Journal) - It’s a scene that has played out in the meeting rooms of county Republican groups throughout Nevada. Upset Republicans passing resolutions denouncing the more moderate GOP legislators who voted for the $1.1 billion tax package approved by the 2015 … [Read more...]

Heller supports bills to protect Nevadans: NDAA and Mass Aerial Surveillance Act

(Sen. Dean Heller) - As we near the end of June, I would like to update all Nevadans on recent happenings in Washington, DC. I want to start with some good news. First, legislation including the extension of the future I-11 passed through the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. … [Read more...]

Repeal hurdles high

(Steve Sebelius, Las Vegas Review-Journal) - For a group of conservative lawmakers and activists who’d love nothing better than to circulate a petition to repeal the just-enacted tax increases of the 2015 Legislature, the hurdle of the so-called single subject rule is a high one. You remember the … [Read more...]

Protecting Bad Bureaucrats or Serving America’s Veterans?

Protecting Bad Bureaucrats

(Newt Gingrich) - On Thursday, Republicans on the House Veterans Affairs Committee took a decisive step to make serving America's veterans more important than protecting bad bureaucrats. In setting the precedent that bureaucrats will be held accountable and that bureaucratic incompetence and … [Read more...]

“Hammond Vouchers” will end government’s monopoly over education

(Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach) - About the only thing Republicans did right in the 2015 legislative session was to place a stake squarely over the heart of Nevada’s failure factories and took the first big whack at the public school monopoly that has been killing the futures of so many of our … [Read more...]

ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp statement on SCOTUS “King v. Burwell” Decision

“Justice Roberts and the other concurring five justices have disgraced their office, sprayed graffiti on the Constitution, and set America on a path toward a constitutional crisis,” says ACU’s Schlapp.  WASHINGTON D.C. – “Today we are reminded of why it is destructive to have activists on the … [Read more...]

Accountability never: Reforms were stripped out before session’s end

Accountability never Reforms were stripped out before session end

Promises to tie spending to reforms and accountability proven false (Victor Joecks of NPRI) - To sell his $1.4 billion tax increase to Republicans in the Assembly and to the general public, Gov. Brian Sandoval promised that unprecedented levels of state spending would be accompanied by reforms … [Read more...]

Politicians lie, but when it comes to the Tax Pledge the numbers don’t

Politicians lie, but when it comes to the tax pledge the numbers dont

(Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach) - Liberals and RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) hate the Taxpayer Protection Pledge with, as Diane Chambers once put it on Cheers, “the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns.”  And there’s a very good reason for that… It works. In signing the Tax Pledge, a … [Read more...]