Tuesday , 1 December 2015


Kasich Campaign Hires Experienced Hand in Nevada

Former Nevada executive director to run Ohio guv’s show in early voting state

(NN&V Staff) – The Hill, DC’s “insider” newspaper, reports that the presidential campaign of John Kasich has landed a state director with considerable political experience in Nevada to run his Nevada campaign… Ohio Gov. John Kasich announced on Tuesday that his campaign hired political strategist Zachary Moyle as Nevada state director, a move that signals a heightened focus on other …

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Warning to Nevada Gun Owners: “Everytown Ain’t Our Town”

Bloomberg’s background check initiative a backdoor gun grab to disarm Nevadans

(Don Turner) – The German physiologist Georg Hegel described a process to convince people to agree to a predetermined course of action. The Hegelian dialectic basically states that to get someone to agree with your position, you define a problem (whether it is a real problem or not doesn’t matter), you emphasis the problem over and over again until the …

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Carson Meets the Press in Nevada

GOP Prez candidate talks with state’s largest newspaper about state’s biggest issues

(NN&V Staff) – Dr. Ben Carson, riding high in the polls as a leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, sat down with the editorial board of the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Monday after a campaign stop in Pahrump. On issue after issue, Carson displayed a strong commitment to state’s rights. “I would advocate returning land to the states,” Carson said …

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Assembly GOP Intra-Caucus Blood Feud Boils Over

Majority Leader Anderson playing schoolyard games over critial Nevada security issue

(Chuck Muth) – The divide in the Republican Assembly Caucus – exacerbated last December when Assemblyman John Hambrick sold out his conservative colleagues for 2015 session’s speakership, a handful of magic beans and 30 pieces of silver – has only gotten worse since the end of the session. The feud between the more outspoken and principled conservative members and their …

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Political advocacy for Nevada veterans is about to get nastier

VPI prez Steve Sanson not likely to take rival challenge sitting down

(Glenn Cook) – On Friday, Army veteran and former North Las Vegas City Council candidate Richard Carreon announced the formation of the nonprofit Nevada Veterans in Politics, which he said would “support and recommend candidates who pledge to vote about issues that will help veterans and their families.” The group, which Carreon said is in the process of interviewing prospective …

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How Big Government Tax-hikers are Like Disgusting Stale Popcorn

Pledge signers shape which policy proposals actually get presented (Victor Joecks, NPRI) – “Shaping the path,” a term used by brothers Chip and Dan Heath in their book Switch: How to change things when change is hard, describes how environmental factors change people’s behavior — often without conscious recognition. The Heaths describe an experiment in which moviegoers were given a bowl …

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Intra-party controversy flares up among Washoe GOP leaders

No, this isn't a picture of Green and Hahn...but it could be!

Pair of longtime activists exchange email blows in ongoing outsiders vs. insiders power struggle. (Chuck Muth) – As the Nevada Republican Party prepared for its fall meeting in which new officers were to be elected, a simmering feud among several members of the Washoe County GOP flared up big time. On November 9, longtime conservative Republican Party activist Larry Green distributed …

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