• Lobbyists’ $100K haul for Reid

    (Politico) – Several of the top lobbyists in Washington helped pad Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s massive campaign warchest last quarter, plunging $100,000 into his 2010 re-election effort. – Read the rest here

  • First GOP, Now Progressives Challenge Harry Reid’s Leadership

    (Newsweek) – Last week, Holly wrote about the tough race Harry Reid will face next year in Nevada. Republicans, she wrote, are eager to knock him off, as they did Tom Daschle in 2006. And if his poll numbers are any indication, Reid should be worried. – Read more here

  • Doomed Democratic dynasties of Biden and Reid?

    (London Telegraph) – It’s way too early to start predicting the results of next year’s mid-term elections. But Democrats are already quaking in their boots. Remember all those breathless predictions of the Democratic party being in power for a zillion years? We’re not hearing those now. – Read more here

  • Big surge among small donors for GOP helps campaign committees

    (The Hill) – The Republican National Committee (RNC) and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) have seen a surge in the number of small-dollar donors making contributions in recent months, according to new reports. – Read more here

  • Ensign’s Parents Among Reid’s Campaign Donors

    (Roll Call) – The parents of Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) — who is the subject of a Senate ethics investigation – in September pitched in to help Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) 2010 re-election battle. – Read the rest here

  • Reid Challenger Lowden: Harry’s Lost Touch

    (NewsMax) – Reid Challenger Lowden: Harry’s Lost Touch Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has become a “Nancy Pelosi liberal” and has lost touch with his constituents in Nevada, says Republican Sue Lowden, who holds a double-digit lead over Reid in recent polls. – Read the rest here

  • Harry Reid Plans to “Vaporize” His Republican Opponent in 2010

    (Politico) – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is prepared to run a sharply negative campaign if that’s what it takes to win reelection next year, with a top adviser predicting that the Nevada Democrat will “vaporize” his Republican challengers with attack ads. The rest here

  • HuffPo: Harry Reid’s Toughness Questioned In New Progressive Ad

    In a bold push to pass a public option for insurance coverage, a progressive advocacy group is launching an ad campaign directly calling into question the toughness of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. Read the rest here

  • Kruiser: Western CPAC and Carmouche

    Christopher Carmouche (rhymes with…) began his thought vomiting by giving Ed Morrissey a hard time for blogging about the impeachment nonsense earlier in the day. He then proceeded to regale us with a tale about his distaste for Twitter and Facebook, complete with a “why can’t we just pick up the phone”...

  • KOLO: Political Three-Ring Circus

    As morning commuters hustled to work on highway 395, a political powerplay was underway at the Grand Sierra Resort. While Senator Harry Reid and Vice President Joe Biden hosted a $2400 a plate breakfast, Republican candidate Sue Lowden used the opportunity to grab her share of the spotlight with a free breakfast...

  • Zahara: Tying Up Some Loose Ends

    Harry Reid gets 2 strikes in one week, D Taylor giving Chris G a free pass?, Trouble at MGM-Mirage?, Jones & Vargas and Tammy Peterson look really bad! Also: The new City ‘Haul’–It’s time to permanently end the LV Redevelopment Slush Fund, and Rory Reid wows ’em to sleep! Read the rest...

  • A Look at Senate Race $$ Numbers

    (Muth’s Truths) – Jon Ralston researched and published on Saturday the third quarter fundraising numbers for the Nevada U.S. Senate race. Although Jon included the gross amounts raised as well as the amount the candidates spent, received from PACs, owe in debts and ending balance cash on hand, I only want to...

  • Appeal: Lyon family doctor wants to challenge Sen. Reid

    After 25 years as a family doctor in Lyon County, Robin Titus says it’s time to put someone who understands health care issues in the U.S. Senate. Read the rest here

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