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    Democrat Child Seeks Buckley’s Assembly Seat

    (Nevada News Bureau Staff) – Kevin Child announced today his candidacy Nevada State Assembly District 8 seat being vacated by term-limited Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley (D). Child has run for office on numerous occasions as a Republican in the past, but has re-registered and is running as a Democrat this time. “With...

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    Clark County GOP Grassroots Leaders Organize for 2010 Elections

    (Elizabeth Crum/Nevada News Bureau) – Clark County Republican Party (CCRP) event organizers packed the room for their “Flip the House” kick-off coalition meeting Saturday afternoon. Approximately two-hundred and twenty attendees filled the auditorium at the Clark County Public Library on East Flamingo. Among those in attendance were U.S. Senate candidates Danny Tarkanian,...

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    Malcontent Gadfly Creates Anti-Lowden PAC

    (Chuck Muth) – Robert Holloway, a card-carrying Paultard purportedly representing a tiny group of paranoid tinfoil hat wearing fellow malcontents, announced today the formation of a Political Action Committee to oppose the candidacy of Sue Lowden for the United States Senate. According to Hollow-Head Holloway, the reason the PAC is being formed...

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    The 15-Year-Old Girl and the Soccer Coach

    (Chuck Muth) - Instead of trying this guy in a government court of law and incarcerating him, a better option would be to take him and the father out to the desert, give the father a shotgun and the soccer coach a 30-second head start.

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    Obama’s way means ‘lights out’ for Vegas, Wynn says

    Steve Wynn continued his tough attacks on President Barack Obama in a wide-ranging Sun interview last week. Continue reading…

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    Government doesn’t do much for Wynn … or does it?

    Wynn summed up his political philosophy: “Government has never increased the standard of living of one single human being in civilization’s history.” But is it true? Read the story here…

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    Anti-abortion bid may have unintended effect

    The biggest fans of social conservative Richard Ziser’s newly filed anti-abortion ballot initiative might be Nevada Democrats facing the ballot in 2010. Continue reading…

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    Nev. Indian Commission may lose grants for remodel

    Administrative hurdles and a looming deadline may cost the Nevada Indian Commission some $280,000 in grants secured to remodel the future home of the Stewart Indian Cultural Center. Continue reading…

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    Waziri meets Gibbons

    As the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Mrs Farida Waziri concludes the last stage of her meetings with top officials of US government today in Washington DC, the visit has continued to attract positive reactions with the latest coming from the Governor of the State of Nevada, Jim...

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    Harry Reid: A Mormon in the middle

    Harry Reid is very active in his church, say fellow members in the Washington area. But that may come as a shock to some Mormon critics who contend that the Senate leader’s political stands put him at odds with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Continue reading…

  • Government
    Doc to Obama: What about Yucca Mountain for waste?

    Doc Hastings has sent a timely and important question to President Obama: What about Yucca Mountain? Rep. Hastings, R-Wash., was more delicate, more diplomatic than we phrased it above, but the substance was there. Continue reading…

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    Political consultants work together, have differences of opinion

    Political consultants and close friends Billy Vassiliadis and Pete Ernaut knew it was inevitable. The time has come. They’re on opposing teams, despite being partners in R&R Partners. The two talked about it before Ernaut merged his business with R&R Partners in 2005. Vassiliadis favors mostly Democrats; Ernaut tilts Republican. Continue reading…

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