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    A Donald Trump-Led Trip Back to the Gold-Plated ’80s

    (Robert Frank, The New York Times) – The American wealthy are about to enjoy a giant back-to-the-1980s party, hosted by the new billionaire in chief, Donald J. Trump. From his gold-plated penthouse to his trickle-down tax cuts and his Reaganesque slogans, President-elect Trump is bringing back the ’80s prosperity gospel. His approach to...

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    Anger Rooms: A Smashing New Way to Relieve Stress

    (Claire Martin, The New York Times) – When she was a teenager on the South Side of Chicago...

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    Roberts: Court action to make KC a patent troll haven will squash innovation

    (Melissa Roberts) – I used to think that the only time people were attacked by trolls was...

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    Clear Government Out Of Path Of Progress

    (Michael Chamberlain/Nevada Business Coalition) – Part II of our interview with Bank of Nevada President and COO John Guedry. Today’s segment focuses on where we are now and the roles of industry and government in getting us through.Part I is here. NBC: Isn’t a problem that we have that people do things...

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    Nevada Government Puts The Squeeze On Business

    (Michael Chamberlain/Nevada Business Coaliton) – During the Legislature we heard a constant refrain about the need to improve our economy and bring jobs to Nevada. The left incessantly repeated that, since our economy was struggling despite what they claimed was our low-tax environment, that low taxes were not the answer. They are...

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