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    Did Reid threaten the electric utility industry?

    (Thomas Mitchell) – Soon NV Energy President Paul Caudill will take the stage at Reid’s clean energy confab. I wonder if he listened to Reid’s opening monologue? Here is the clip from that speech as posted online by his personal newsletter: I look forward to President Obama outlining his Clean Power Plan, which...

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    EPA’s and Nevada’s clean power efforts cost much, fix nothing

    (Thomas Mitchell) – Obama is trying to kill a gnat with an anvil. He rhapsodized recently about his administration’s Clean Power Plan from the EPA, and preached about the urgency to curb global warming now because 2014 was the planet’s warmest year on record and ice caps are shrinking. “Climate change is no...

  • Government
    EPA relies on secret comments in No Power Plan rulemaking

    (Nathan Mehrens, – After the release of the Obama Administration’s much-publicized “Clean Power Plan” regulations, reports have indicated that the regulatory process that went into developing this “Plan” may not have been as transparent as touted. Environmental extremist groups were apparently regularly communicating and coordinating with officials at the Environmental Protection Agency...

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    Clean power plan will cost jobs and income, while doing nothing to curb global warming

    (Thomas Mitchell) – Obama rhapsodized about his administration’s Clean Power Plan from the EPA, and preached about the urgency...

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