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    Welcome To The GOP, Kate

    (UNLVCR) – Today, the Nevada College Republicans are welcoming 2nd District congressional candidate Kate Marshall to the GOP after comments she made in a debate last night in Reno.Marshall took several traditionally Republican positions in the debate including advocating for the Balanced Budget Amendment, tax incentives for businesses, and criticizing the state’s...

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    Voting Registration and Turnout – What Republicans Need to do to Turn Nevada Red in 2012

    (David Mansdoerfer) – As the 2012 election season begins to ramp up, it is important to look at Nevada’s recent voting trends and registration statistics in order to gain a picture of what the Republican Party will need to do to turn Nevada red. In 2008, by the close of registration for...

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    Wooing Latinos

    (Jim Clark) – The official final census figures are out.  Between 2000 and 2010, Nevada was one of the nation’s fastest growing states despite the recession-caused negative growth over the last 3 years.  In Nevada, Latinos increased 82% while all other ethnicities combined (including the fast growing Asian and Pacific Islander cohort)...

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    The Moral Responsibility Of The Republican Party

    Recently I met up in Las Vegas with a dear friend of 35 years, whom I’d not seen in 15 years. As long-lost friends do, we spent time catching up. In the course of our discussions I brought up politics, as that’s generally one of the first places my mind wanders, and...

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    GOP Presidential Candidates & Free Market Skeletons

    (David Mansdoerfer) – Is it just me, or does every GOP Presidential candidate have a skeleton in their free market closet? Mitt Romney, the supposed front runner, is tied to the prequel of Obamacare in Massachusetts. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich appeared in a commercial with Rep. Nancy Pelosi toting...

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    Comfort Replaces Lowden as Nevada GOP Chair

    A Las Vegas dentist has been elected chairman of the Nevada Republican Party. Dr. Chris Comfort replaces Sue Lowden, who resigned Sept. 30 to launch her campaign for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination and try to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in next year’s election. Click here to read more…

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