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    Sandoval’s Spending Splurges Appear Unstoppable

    (Brent Jones) – In listening to Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval’s final State of the State address I was...

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    Yoho Zero for Zero sugar policy is a trade win-win for everyone

    Proposal would legislatively discourage sugar dumpers like Brazil, India and Thailand from subsidizing their sugar industries

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    Free Trade Doesn’t Mean Dumb Trade

    (Chuck Muth, President, Citizen Outreach) – Whether you support Donald Trump or not, it does policy discussions no...

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    Smart Trash Cans vs. Dumb Monopolies

    (Chuck Muth) – We’ve all heard of smartphones.  But have you heard of smart trash cans? A...

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    Military members hold negative view of President Barack Obama

    (Kenneth Walsh, Aol.) – President Barack Obama will leave office on Jan. 20 with negative reviews from most members of the U.S. military. More than half the troops in a new poll had an unfavorable opinion of Obama’s leadership of the military for the past eight years, and about 36 percent said they...

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    Outrage in Philadelphia as New Soda Tax Doubles Drink Prices

    That won’t stop other cities and states from trying to duplicate the dubious policy. (Eric Boehm, – A new tax on soda and other sugary drinks that took effect in New Year’s Day in Philadelphia is already generating outrage from some residents and businesses in the city. Meanwhile, in New York and...

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    Trump Knows, Media Don’t: One-Sided ‘Free Trade’ – Isn’t Free Trade

    (Seton Motley, Less Government) – The media (and the entire media-Left-NeverTrump contingent) remain steadfast in their opposition to now-President-elect Donald Trump.  In their attempts to deny him first the office and now legitimacy therein, they have come up with all sorts of shorthand descriptives that are either vague or outright disingenuous. One of...

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    Top 10 Stupidest New Laws in California for 2017

    (Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, Breitbart) – I’m not in the habit of complaining at the outset of a column, but I’ve taken on a nearly impossible task — figuring out which, of the hundreds of new California laws about to go into effect, are the stupidest. Don’t laugh.  I’m serious. It’s really, really...

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    How to Correct Eye Doctors’ Vision Problems

    (Peter Ferrara, Investor’s Business Daily) –  No one likes going to the doctor’s office, but the American...

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    The Price of Intimacy

    A disabled man’s fight to legalize sex work in Utah veers into stormy waters. (Stephen Dark, City Weekly) – “I just wish people understood what it’s like to be me,” Russell Greer says. When the 25-year-old rides Trax in downtown Salt Lake City, he occasionally hears a passenger comment on his facial paralysis....

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    The Patent Troll Abides: 2016 in Review

    (Daniel Nazer, Electronic Frontier Foundation) – Patent trolls were down but certainly not out in 2016. After a massive burst of litigation at the end of last year, we saw a noticeable drop in patent troll lawsuits at the start of this one. But trolls began returning to court as the year continued...

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    Viguerie: Trump’s Administration is more Conservative than Reagan’s

    (Richard Viguerie, ConservativeHQ) – As Donald Trump’s transition unfolds three things have become clear; first, Trump is serious...

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    Sugar Program Critics Caught Peddling “Fake News”

    (Chuck Muth) – In a recent column titled “How agriculture subsidies are hurting farmers, taxpayers” – which was...

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