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    The Truth About Harry Reid’s “Myth” About Gov’t Red Tape

    (Chuck Muth) – Recently, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took to the floor of the United States...

  • Government
    Clear Government Out Of Path Of Progress

    (Michael Chamberlain/Nevada Business Coalition) – Part II of our interview with Bank of Nevada President and COO John Guedry. Today’s segment focuses on where we are now and the roles of industry and government in getting us through.Part I is here. NBC: Isn’t a problem that we have that people do things...

  • Government
    Gunslinger Battles Bureaucracy Blob

    (Michael Chamberlain/Nevada Business Coalition) – They say the pen is mightier than the sword. A new business in town is finding that paperwork and bureaucracy may defeat firearms as well. The Clark County bureaucratic quagmire is doing its best to frustrate one of the area’s new businesses. A few months ago Wild...

  • Opinion
    The Lemonade Stand Wars

    (Roger Hedgecock) – From sea to shining sea, the nanny state/greedy state has declared war on kids selling lemonade from front lawn stands. In just the last few months, law enforcement has closed down “illegal” lemonade stands in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin, Maryland and Texas. Not since Prohibition have the revenuers busted...

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