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    Reid Heller’s “informed obstructionist legislation” – S.1825

    A bill to require the Secretary of Energy to obtain the consent of affected State and local governments before making an expenditure from the Nuclear Waste Fund for a nuclear waste repository. 114th Congress (2015-2016) 07-22-15 (Gary Duarte, USNEF) – Senators Reid and Heller have filed S.1825, as they continue to show they...

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    Nevada Firearms Coalitions Seeks Justice In Operation Fast And Furious

     On July 4, 2012, Don Turner sent the following letter to Senators Heller and Reid and Representatives Amodei, Berkley, and Heck. – Ed. The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993, Public Law 103-159 (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) requires Federal Firearms Licensees to obtain information to ascertain if the transfer...

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    Heller vs. Reid In The Battle Of The Sound Bite: No Contest

    (Thomas Mitchell/4th St8) – Politics in the land of the short-attention-span is often reduced to sound bites. But really good sound bites convey an image that can stick in the mind and summarize the gist of an hour-long speech. “Read my lips.” “City on a hill.” “The only thing we have to...

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    Don’t Tinker With Our Medicare

    (Jim Clark) – In last week’s column, I described some of the happenings at the Senator Dean Heller fundraiser hosted by Bruce and Nora James at their historic Crystal Bay home overlooking the lake.  There’s more. To reset the scene, the event began with cocktails and appetizers in the front yard with...

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    Why Senator Heller’s Battle Against Net Neutrality Is So Important

    (David Mansdoerfer) – Today, Senator Dean Heller (R – NV) led a coalition of ten U.S. senators...

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    CLC Speaker Roster, Agenda Released

    When it comes to conservative pow-wows mixing politics, networking, drinks, food and fun (not necessarily in that...

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