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  • Nevada
    Higher Education, Political Correctness and Free Speech

    Last August 9, law professors Amy Wax and Larry Alexander published an article, “Paying the Price for the Breakdown of the Country’s Bourgeois Culture,” in the Philadelphia Inquirer. It began: “Too few Americans are qualified for the jobs available.  Male working-age labor-force participation is at Depression-era low.  Opioid abuse is widespread.  Homicidal violence plagues inner cities.  Almost...

  • Government
    The Effects of Subsidizing Higher Education

    (Victor Joecks/NPRI) – I’ve always been a fan of economist Richard Vedder, but I was especially intrigued when I came across this short video, the script for which he wrote. The video notes that North Dakota subsidizes its public universities much more heavily than neighboring states and the United States as a...

  • Politics
    Brookings EconDev Report Just Mumbo-Jumbo Gumbo

    (Chuck Muth) – Everyone on the left and many in the middle are fawning over the recent study by the liberal Brookings Institute on how to fix Nevada’s economy. For example, liberal pundit Jon Ralston gushed in a tweet: “I was skeptical, but this report on NV and economic diversification is a...

  • Politics
    President Obama Just Bribed Me for My Vote

    (David Mansdoerfer) – Yesterday, I wrote that forgiving student loan debt is a slap to the face...

  • Government
    Should In-State Tuition Subsidies Be Capped?

    (David Mansdoerfer) – The U.S. unemployment rate is at 9.1%. The unemployment rate in Nevada is at...

  • Opinion
    Assault on For-Profit Colleges Misguided

    (David Mansdoerfer) – Can you tell the difference between a for-profit, nonprofit, and state school? Throughout the United States, the difference between these three forms of higher education isn’t as drastic as you might think. Lately, the Obama Administration has begun to wage a war against for-profit education. In this, the Obama...

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