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    Nevada governor signs ‘economic justice’ bills, including $12 minimum wage hike

    (Derek Draplin) – Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak signed several “economic justice” bills, including one that will boost...

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    Nevada Assembly approves minimum wage hike

    A Nevada Senate committee on Wednesday is considering a bill that would raise the state’s minimum wage....

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    Clark: Presidential candidates’ stands on issues

    (Jim Clark) – Stories such as Donald Trump’s town meeting being disrupted by protestors and Hillary Clinton’s marathon examination by the Congressional Benghazi Committee tend to dominate the political news, eclipsing the other candidates of both parties who are not deemed newsworthy on any given day. So what can we, voters, learn about where the candidates...

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    Failure to pass AB 177 – A win for Carpetbaggers

    (John Seaman) – AB 177 was a bill sponsored by Assemblywomen Seaman designed to prevent another Andrew Martin debacle from occurring wherein in 2013, the Democratically controlled Assembly seated Martin who had been declared an ineligible Candidate by a court to hold office but had received more votes than his opponent and was seated in the Assembly....

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    Why does the left hate entry-level jobs?

    (Rick Manning of Americans for Limited Government) – Why does the left hate entry-level jobs? That’s what many...

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    Nevada Ranks 6th In Teen Unemployment

    (Victor Joecks/NPRI) – Think Nevada’s overall 12 percent unemployment rate is bad? The unemployment rate for Nevada’s teenagers is a staggering 28.8 percent, which is sixth highest among the states. Washington, D.C., is worse than every state with a 51.7 percent unemployment rate for teens. As the Employment Policies Institute notes, for...

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