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    Popu-lust: Why we love populists, and how to spot a faker

    (Craig Shirley) – Political labels come into and out of vogue — and one that is “in” again...

  • Politics
    The Sky is Falling!

    (Rich Galen, – Here’s a pretty accurate representation of the way many Republicans currently view the race...

  • Opinion
    State of the Race

    (Rich Galen, – We’re getting closer to all the horses having made their way to the track for the 2016 Presidential derby. Two on the GOP side – Governors Scott Walker of Wisconsin and John Kasich of Ohio are not quite announced. One Democrat side, strangers here in Our Nation’s Capital have...

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    Roll Call: When the Second Time isn’t the Charm

    (Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call) – I feel bad for Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee and Rick Perry. They are...

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    Rand, Lindsey & George (Pataki)

    (Rich Galen) – With the entry into the race for the Republican nomination for President today of South Carolina Senator, Lindsey Graham, that will bring the number of officially declared candidates to nine. Former Governor of New York George Pataki announced last week. The two questions I am most often asked are: Why...

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