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    Nearly 1,000 Nevada Public Employees Earn $200K

    (Sean Whaley/Nevada News Bureau) – Nearly 1,000 state and local government workers, many of them firefighters and police, make over $200,000 a year when all pay and benefits are counted, according to a 2011 pay analysis published today by the Nevada Policy Research Institute. The number of public employees earning $200,000 or...

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    Government Wages: Too Extravagant?

    (Geoffrey Lawrence/NPRI) – It’s one of the most challenging questions facing labor economists today: At what level should most public employees be paid? In public-sector employment, the typical price signals that help determine wage rates in competitive labor markets are absent. After all, most government agencies do not compete in an open...

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    The Danger In Giving Public Servants Too Much Power

    (Geoffrey Lawrence/NPRI) – If ever there were a case study in the dangers of unionization for public...

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    State Worker Unemployment Hits Staggering .21%

    (Victor Joecks/NPRI) – After months of liberal talking points like “We’ve cut to the bone” or “shared sacrifice” — with plenty of hyperbole and loud noises thrown in for effect — the crisis is now at hand. The state worker unemployment rate is now .21 percent. But in one respect, the new...

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