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    The GOP, economic populism, and ‘that giant sucking sound’

    (Robert Romano for – The National Review’s Quin Hillyer had a very interesting piece on May 11...

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    Look Out Taxpayers, Here Come the Republicans!

    (Chuck Muth) – It wasn’t supposed to be like this. When Republicans won the Governor’s office, as well as control of the State Senate and the State Assembly last November, Nevada taxpayers were supposed to be safe.  At least for this one session. Indeed, for this one session – the first time the...

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    Republicans Form Circular Firing Squad

    (Roger Stone/The Stone Zone) – On the eve of the presidential nomination of Barry Goldwater at the 1964 Republican National Convention, Pennsylvania Governor William Scranton released a letter to the Senator accusing him of “nuclear irresponsibility” and “supporting a whole crazy-quilt collection of absurd and dangerous positions”. In his last-minute attempt to...

  • Government
    Message To GOP Super Committee: Embrace The Joy Of Failure

    (Wayne Allyn Root) – The Congressional “Super Committee” tasked with cutting the debt has failed. Good. Embrace the joy of failure. Sometimes failure works out for the best. Because in this case “failure” leads to the Holy Grail: $1.2 Trillion in forced spending cuts. That’s the best thing that could have ever...

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    Wooing Latinos

    (Jim Clark) – The official final census figures are out.  Between 2000 and 2010, Nevada was one of the nation’s fastest growing states despite the recession-caused negative growth over the last 3 years.  In Nevada, Latinos increased 82% while all other ethnicities combined (including the fast growing Asian and Pacific Islander cohort)...

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    Lawmakers Graded On Taxes, Education Reforms

    (Sean Whaley/Nevada News Bureau) – A conservative Nevada think tank gave passing scores to 22 Republicans in the just-concluded 2011 legislative session, handing out failing scores to four other GOP lawmakers and all 37 Democrats in a report card released today. The report card produced by Geoffrey Lawrence of the Nevada Policy...

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