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  • Nevada
    Let’s Take a Break and Count Some Blessings

    As we watched the completely dishonest, hate-driven attempts by Democrats, other progressives and statists to derail Brett...

  • Government
    Nevada property rights case knocking on the door of the Supreme Court

    (Thomas Mitchell) – A Nevada church is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold its constitutional rights in...

  • Opinion
    Marbury v. Madison, Mr. President. Study The Case. Again.

    (Fred Weinberg/The Penny Press) – Once upon a time, back in 1972 at Bradley University, I took Constitutional Law 101. I cannot remember the name of the professor, but I certainly remember the specifics of a case named Marbury v. Madison. The actual case itself was a relatively petty dispute about a...

  • Government
    Obama Warms Up Campaign Speech Against ‘Unelected’ Court

      (Thomas Mitchell/4TH ST8) It seems our former constitutional law professor of a president has again leveled a bit of criticism toward the robed ladies and gentlemen of the highest court in the land. In a press conference Monday, Obama made pointed reference to an “unelected group of people,” meaning the court....

  • Politics
    Supreme Court Obamacare Win Not A Sure Thing; Replacing Congress And the President Is

    (Fred Weinberg/The Penny Press) – It’s now official. The United States Supreme Court will hear the lawsuit filed by Nevada and 25 other states against what is popularly called “Obamacare.” The core of the lawsuit hinges on the requirement in the law for every individual to buy health insurance or face a...

  • Opinion
    Are The Supremes Sending A Message In Arizona Ruling?

    (Fred Weinberg/The Penny Press) – Last year, Federal District Judge Henry Hudson affirmed what those of us who took Constitutional Law 101 (first semester) and 102 (second semester) have known since the 1972-73 school year. Last month, the Supreme Court gave just a small hint of what might come when the appeal...

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