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Nevada GOP Convention: A Super Bowl of Embarrassment for Trump-Backed Candidates

N&V StaffMay 1, 2022
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The Laxalt Laxative: Friends in High Places Come to Nevada

N&V StaffApril 30, 2022
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State lawmaker conflict of interest lawsuit in Nevada can proceed, court rules

The Center SquareApril 29, 2022
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Trump Hearts Lombardo, Team Sisolak Wets Its Pants

N&V StaffApril 28, 2022
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Growing number of Democrats call on Biden to reverse plan to end Title 42

The Center SquareApril 26, 2022

Zero for Zero the Solution to Global Sugar Subsidies

N&V StaffApril 26, 2022
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Feds offering 80% less in oil and natural gas lease sales, increasing royalty rate

The Center SquareApril 25, 2022
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UPDATE: Nevada Governor Odds

N&V StaffApril 24, 2022
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Campaigns for ranked-choice voting ballot initiatives in Missouri, Nevada have raised millions ahead of signature deadlines

The Center SquareApril 21, 2022
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Campaign ’22: The GOP Primary Money Chase for Attorney General

N&V StaffApril 20, 2022
Lake Powell National Park
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Feds could limit water flow to Arizona, other western states

The Center SquareApril 20, 2022
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Campaign ’22: The GOP Primary Money Chase for U.S. Senate

N&V StaffApril 17, 2022