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    Army of Corrupt Obama Backers Simply Marching Under a New Flag

    (Thomas Mitchell/4THST8 Mitt Romney apparently is making hay in a TV ad over the single ethics violation the Democrats could nail on Newt Gingrich — whether a college course he was teaching was advancing his partisan goals. It’s sort of like concentrating on the mote in one eye and ignoring the beam...

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    ACORN Whistle-blower Leaves First Friday Crowd Speechless

    (Lori Piotrowski) – Anita MonCrief, who came to be known for shining a bright light on ACORN’s voter registration policies, took the podium at First Friday, and left her listeners speechless. “I grew up a Democrat,” she said, “and I believed in ACORN.” MonCrief is editor of Emerging Corruption, co-founder of the Crispus...

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    MonCrief Packs Voter Fraud Workshop

    (Lori Piotrowski) – Friday afternoon, thirty people packed the back room of Mundo’s to learn how liberal organizations are undermining the voting process and what they can do to prevent voter fraud. Anita MonCrief, who is probably best known for blowing the whistle on ACORN’s fraudulent voter registration processes, shared some of...