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    How Big Government Tax-hikers are Like Disgusting Stale Popcorn

    Pledge signers shape which policy proposals actually get presented (Victor Joecks, NPRI) – “Shaping the path,” a term used by brothers Chip and Dan Heath in their book Switch: How to change things when change is hard, describes how environmental factors change people’s behavior — often without conscious recognition. The Heaths describe an...

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    LVRJ: Las Vegas anti-tax petitioners file pre-emptive lawsuit

    (Sandra Chereb, Las Vegas Review-Journal) – CARSON CITY — Backers of an initiative petition seeking to quash a $1.4 billion tax package passed by the 2015 Legislature have filed a pre-emptive lawsuit asking a judge to declare that the referendum does not violate the single-subject rule before supporters begin gathering signatures to put it...