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  • Muth's Truths
    Muth’s Truths: September 20, 2017

    Obama’s Injustice Department Harpoons a Great White Male For modern-day liberals, tax the rich/feed the poor isn’t...

  • Nevada
    Nevada News & Views: September 5, 2017

    #NeverHeller Movement Adds Another to Long List of Grievances Yesterday, on Labor Day, Nevada Republican Sen. Dean Heller came out in favor of Barack Obama’s unconstitutional “executive amnesty” program, known as DACA, telling the Reno Gazette-Journal in a statement, “I’ve made clear that I support the program.” Oy, vey.  More aid-and-comfort. I am now convinced that Heller –...

  • Opinion
    Washington Completes Caucuses, Returns To Status Quo Ante

    (Rich Galen, Mullings) – After every election activity – caucuses, state conventions, primaries – the press corps and cable nets have assured us they knew what happened, what it means, and what it will lead to. That they (ok, I’ll include myself), have been off-target week after week after week makes no difference....

  • Opinion
    Weinberg: American People Know Hillary Is A Crook And Barack Is Lying

    Her hilarious email scandal has grumbled the entire American span. For justifiable reasons, the Americans continue claiming...

  • Politics
    Obama’s Last SOTU: A Gentleman’s C

    President Barack Obama did not deliver a bad speech. He, however, delivered a mediocre speech.

  • Opinion
    Galen: Third Term

    (Rich Galen, – I spent the weekend on T. Boone Pickens’ ranch, Mesa Vista, with about two dozen really smart people talking about energy and transportation. As those of you who have ever sat in a meeting – or even had lunch – with me know, I have the attention span of...

  • Politics
    Clean power plan will cost jobs and income, while doing nothing to curb global warming

    (Thomas Mitchell) – Obama rhapsodized about his administration’s Clean Power Plan from the EPA, and preached about the urgency...

  • Opinion
    Monument Designation: Simply a bureaucratic ruse to block Yucca

    (Stanley Paher & Tyrus Cobb) – In a stunning set aside, at Senator Harry Reid’s urging, President Obama...

  • Politics
    Roll Call: Senate passes No Child Left Behind rewrite

    (Steven Dennis of Roll Call) – No Child Left Behind is a step closer to a major overhaul...

  • Government
    There’s more than one way to fight the EPA water grab

    (Thomas Mitchell) – Earlier this summer, the Environmental Protection Agency issued its final rule to “clarify” what water...

  • Politics
    Roll Call: Iran deal faces test in Congress

    (Steven Dennis of Roll Call) – President Barack Obama’s Iran deal will face a moment of truth in Congress within the next three months, but seems very likely to clear that hurdle. Under the law, Congress passed to ensure its review of any Iran deal, opponents of the deal have to be able to override...

  • Government
    Gingrich: How We Got Here: A Foreign Policy of Left-Wing Clichés

    (Newt Gingrich) – Tuesday was the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 suicide bomb attacks in London, which killed...

  • Government
    Obama finalizes racist plan to redraw your neighborhood

    (Robert Romano for – The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has finalized its “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” rule that empowers the government to condition eligibility for community development block grants on redrawing zoning maps to achieve racial and income integration by building high density, low-income housing in middle-class neighborhoods. In...