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    Green Energy Isn’t Big On ROI

    (Andy Matthews/NPRI) – “Facts,” John Adams once famously said, “are stubborn things.” I recalled this quote while reading Kyle Gillis’ coverage of Sen. Harry Reid’s fifth annual National Clean Energy Summit, which was held Tuesday in Las Vegas. A constant theme at these summits has been that “investing” (i.e., spending large sums...

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    Main Stream Media Slays Imperfect Candidate

    NN&V Exclusive (Alan Stock) – Herman Cain has suspended his quest to become the 2012 Republican Presidential...

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    Back In The Day When Bimbo Eruptions Had A Ring Of Truth

    (Fred Weinberg/The Penny Press) – Ah, for the good old days of Bill Clinton when bimbo eruptions came with names, dates, places, faces and, more importantly, they turned out to be true. The aforementioned bimbo eruptions (as they were called by Clinton staffers) culminated with the President telling the nation, that “I...