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    $1.4 Billion Tax Repeal Referendum Filed

    (Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach) – Let the games begin! The We Decide Coalition officially hand-delivered a 50-page referendum petition to the Nevada Secretary of State’s office in Las Vegas this afternoon calling for an up-or-down vote by the people of Nevada on SB483. That bill – passed by the 2015 Nevada Legislature...

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    Accountability never: Reforms were stripped out before session’s end

    Promises to tie spending to reforms and accountability proven false (Victor Joecks of NPRI) – To sell his...

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    Assembly GOP should tell Sandoval to go back to the drawing board

    (Chuck Muth) – I remember a time back in the 6th grade when I turned in a book report.  Mr. Levanis reviewed it, handed it back to me and said, “This isn’t acceptable.  Go back and do it over.” And that’s EXACTLY what Republicans in the Assembly should tell Gov. Brian Sandoval about...