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    Taxpayer’s Guide to Nevada’s Record Tax Hike

    (Ron Knecht & Geoffrey Lawrence) – This column reviews the new and increased taxes, totaling $700-million per year, passed recently by Nevada’s Legislature at the behest of Gov. Brian Sandoval. This record tax package makes permanent some previous tax hikes (“sunset” taxes) that were originally billed as only temporary measures to help Nevada...

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    Nevada GOP blisters “deplorable” tax-hiking Republicans

    (Nevada Republican Party) – As the 78th Session of the Nevada Legislature ends, the Nevada Republican Party is extremely disappointed that SB483, the largest tax increase in Nevada history, was passed by the Assembly in a 30-10 vote, ratified by the Senate in a 18-3 vote and is headed to the Governor’s...

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    NFIB concerns with Commerce Tax

    (Randi Thompson) – After a four-hour hearing on the tax bill (AB464) in Ways and Means/Senate Revenue, I’m guessing many of our voices blended together, so I wanted to recap some of the key issues for the National Federation of Independent Business and urge you to oppose the commerce tax: We have a...