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    Galen: Pyramid Scheme

    (Rich Galen, – Dear Dr. Carson: Welcome to the NFL. Ben Carson, former sociopath, former Egyptian agricultural scholar, former almost West Point graduate, former neurosurgeon, and soon to be former Republican frontrunner is having a tough run in his quest for the GOP nomination. When Carson was bumping along in the low-...

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    Weinberg: .00042372881355932% of voters say Carson over Trump

    (Fred Weinberg) – John Kasich, Ohio’s Governor and a nominal GOP Presidential candidate told CBS News that “you don’t win jobs by bombast” talking about a Ford plant moving from Mexico to Ohio. No, John, YOU won them by bribing Ford with the taxpayer’s money. At least, Donald Trump has an idea...

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    Weinberg: First Rule of Holes? Stop Digging!

    (Fred Weinberg) – The mainstream media has a love/hate relationship with Donald Trump and to a lesser extent Ben Carson. It lines up with the hardcore conservative wing of the GOP—it wants them dead, cold with a stake through their hearts. Financially, however, these guys bring eyeballs. Lots and lots of eyeballs which translate into...

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    Ben Carson: Don’t let them divide us

    (Ben Carson) – The “war on women.” “Black lives matter.” “The 99 percent” versus “the 1 percent.”...

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    Gingrich: Respect the American People

    (Newt Gingrich) – The desperation of the elites to avoid the reality of the current voter revolt is...

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    Carson: Will you pick up the baton of freedom?

    (Ben Carson) – At the first Republican debate in Cleveland, I said I’m hopeful that I’m not the only one willing to pick up the baton of freedom, because freedom is not free and we must fight for it every day. Well, judging by the massive, enthusiastic crowds that have joined me on...

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