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    Clean Energy Summit Sparks Political Events, Debate

    (Sean Whaley/Nevada News Bureau) – With U.S. Sen. Harry Reid’s 5th annual National Clean Energy Summit set to kick off today in Las Vegas, the debate over alternative energy development and the government’s role in its future rages on. The purpose of the day-long event as described on the website is to,...

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    Taxes: The Latest In STDs

    (Kyle Gillis/NPRI) – California Gov. Jerry Brown referred to anti-tax hike advocates as having a notion “that taxes are like a sexually transmitted disease” during a panel discussion featuring Western state governors at the National Clean Energy Summit. Brown, who was joined by Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval and Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire,...

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    Government Played Intimate Role In Tech Development

    (Victor Joecks/NPRI) – No joke. Here’s what Secretary Steven Chu, a top official in the Obama administration who’s in charge of the U.S. Department of Energy, claimed today at Sen. Harry Reid’s National Clean Energy Summit: So the government played an incredibly intimate role in all the technologies that led to prosperity...