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    Excerpts From the White House Press Release (with commentary)

    (Steve Esh) – 1. President authorized to increase the debt limit by at least $2.1 trillion, eliminating the need for further increases until 2013. Deal Removes Cloud of Uncertainty Until 2013, Eliminating Key Headwind on the Economy. This enables Obama to look good until the 2012 elections are over. With this, the...

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    The Debt Ceililng Problem–Not A Problem

    (Mike Chamberlain/The Cranky Hermit) – As I learn more about the debt-ceiling crisis, I’ve really been influenced by the graphic from this editorial, which has been described by some on the left as the ultimate chart of the debt-ceiling crisis. It reveals that the tax cuts from both Bush and Obama are...

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    Obama And Reid Opt To Burden Our Grandchildren

    (Sara Michele Crusade/ – The debate rages on about whether or not to raise the debt ceiling. Nevada’s own Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) is siding with President Obama in his desire to increase the debt ceiling just a couple trillion more. The Republicans in Congress are pretending to hold the line for...