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    Knecht: Confessions of a former Liberal

    (Ron Knecht) – In the 1970’s, I was an environmental and consumer activist, all-purpose liberal Democrat, and a founding director of Illinois’ Naderite / Alinskyite radic-lib umbrella organization that harbored some of Barack Obama’s fellow community organizers. Fortunately for me, I continued to read, learn and grow; got over statist liberalism; and now...

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    A Bi-Partisan Call for Partisan Redistricting

     (David Mansdoerfer) – Today, Citizen Outreach started a petition calling for Governor Sandoval to convene a special...

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    The NSEA Grading Sham

    NN&V Exclusive (David Mansdoerfer) – A lot has been made of the recent Nevada State Education Association...