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    Harry Reid: Obama’s Court Jester, Nevada’s Joker

    (Fred Weinberg/The Penny Press) – I was not a primary supporter of Mitt Romney for the GOP...

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    I Swear — It’s True!

    NN&V Exclusive (Lori Piotrowski) – Obama failed his constitutional law class at Columbia University. Not once, not twice, but five times! I know this because a friend of a friend called a friend who told him. This last fellow had attended college with the president. And he said that the president never...

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    Open Letter to Senator Reid

    NN&V Exclusive Dear Senator Reid, Last Thursday morning you took to the Senate floor to make a statement. I had hoped you would be proposing a budget, which the Senate, under your leadership, has failed to do for more than 1,200 days. I had hoped that you may have discussed any of...