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    Nanny feds extend meddling even further into states’ affairs

    (Thomas Mitchell) – Federalism and Generalissimo Francisco Franco are still dead. The latest foray by the feds into state sovereignty is the demand that states create climate change prevention policies before they can receive FEMA disaster relief funding. A few Republicans are offering token resistance. Today, the federal government has its fingers, hands and...

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    Preparedness Is Not Political Or Even Conservative, It’s Smart

    (Fred Weinberg/The Penny Press) – The coverage of “Super Storm Sandy” has been incredibly overblown as you would expect from a storm which hit New York which, even in this day of the internet, fancies itself as the communications capital of the world. And, if you live in places like Reno, Oklahoma...

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    Natural Catastrophe Could Jeopardize U.S. Security

    (Mike Brownfield/The Heritage Organization) – Yesterday at 1:51 p.m. Eastern Time, a 5.8-magnitude earthquake struck near a small town outside Washington, D.C., the strongest such tremor in 67 years. The geological event, which affected the eastern third of the United States, sent thousands of workers in our nation’s capital (and in New...