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    Guns In State Parks: Public Hearing October 12

    (Lori Piotrowski) – Gun enthusiasts throughout Nevada will have the chance to be heard when the Nevada Division of State Parks holds a public hearing Assembly Bill 282. This bill allows individuals to carry firearms in state parks and legislates proper usage of the firearms. The hearing is to remove prohibitions in...

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    Stillwater Firearms Assn. Asks Sheriffs To Restore NICS Exemption

    (Elynda Long and J. L. Rhodes) – Dear Sheriffs of the Nevada Sheriffs and Chiefs Association, On behalf of Stillwater Firearms Association, nearly 800 members strong in 10 Nevada counties, respectfully request immediate action to restore the NICS exemption. As you know, Assembly Bill 282 was enacted effective July 1, 2011. A...

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    Gun-Rights Heroes And Heels

    (Don Turner/NPRI) – As happens far too frequently in the Nevada Legislature, opponents of pro-gun citizens used legislative maneuvers this session to keep pro-gun bills from getting Assembly and Senate floor votes. Nevertheless, lawmakers passed several good bills, due to hard work by the lobbyists from the National Rifle Association’s Institute for...