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    LVRJ: Nevada conservatives launch call to battle against tax hikes

    (Ben Botkin of Las Vegas Review-Journal) – It’s a scene that has played out in the meeting rooms of county Republican groups throughout Nevada. Upset Republicans passing resolutions denouncing the more moderate GOP legislators who voted for the $1.1 billion tax package approved by the 2015 Legislature. Such indignation was on full display...

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    Group of conservatives wants to repeal Sandoval tax plan at polls

    (Riley Snyder, Associated Press) – CARSON CITY — A group of conservative Nevada Republicans are trying to place on the 2016 ballot at least part of a $1.4 billion tax package approved and supported by Gov. Brian Sandoval. State Controller Ron Knecht, Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Beers and former Assemblyman Ed Goedhart...

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    Blame guv, not 120-day session for budget slam-and-jam

    (Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach) – Freshman Republican Assemblymen Erv Nelson and Chris Edwards appeared on a local PBS community affairs television show recently and advocated for annual sessions of the Nevada Legislature. As if these people don’t already do enough damage every OTHER year! The reason, according to the pair, is that 120...