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    Clinton Broke Federal Rules With Email Server, Audit Finds

    (Ken Dilanian, NBC News) – A State Department audit pronounced that Hillary Clinton violated the Federal Records Act...

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    Hillary: Who Do You Believe? Me or Your Lying Eyes?

    (Fred Weinberg) – Hillary Clinton has been impressing herself on the national consciousness since 1992 and now, after a run as First Lady, Senator from New York and Secretary of State, she wants the big job. My problem with her is not necessarily her politics.  She, like her husband, is whatever gets her...

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    The Latest on Hillary’s Emails

    (Rich Galen, – More information about Hillary’s email servers came to light over the weekend when ABC News’ Jon Karl reported that “Platte River Networks, the Colorado company that set up Clinton’s server, told ABC News it is ‘highly likely’ that a full backup of the server was made, meaning those thousands...