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    The GOP Race Today – Who’s Up? Who’s Down? Who’s Done?

    (Roger Stone/The Stone Zone) – Running for the President of the United States is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. General Dwight Eisenhower said: “Plans are worthless but planning is indispensable.” Mitt Romney has meticulously planned his path to the White House. While his newest challenger Rick Santorum has been methodical, patient...

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    GOP Candidates’ Tax Proposals Deserve A Closer Look

    (Victor Joecks/NPRI) – In 2010, Americans spent 6 billion hours, which is approximately 8,800 lifetimes, and $480 billion doing their taxes. This represents a huge deadweight loss — time and money wasted jumping through government-mandated hoops — for individuals and America’s economy. It’s also why, regardless of how much how you think...

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    Has Huntsman Been Tainted By Obama?

    (Jim Clark) – Former Utah Governor John Huntsman’s recent visit to Reno has quietly raised the question: “How much does it hurt a GOP candidate’s primary election chances to have been associated with the (ugh) other political party?”  Huntsman stepped down to accept an appointment by President Obama as ambassador to China,...