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    Trump Fever: Catch It!

    (Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach) – If you’re a long-suffering conservative you can’t help but take at least a little perverse pleasure from the angst Donald Trump is causing the Republican Party establishment and the media, even if you’re supporting another of the GOP presidential candidates. For years, the media has twisted innocuous...

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    RINO McCain cost us four years of Obama…How heroic is that?

    (Fred Weinberg) – It didn’t take the Republican establishment—which already hates Donald Trump—from declaring the end of his candidacy when he said about John McCain what all of us have been thinking for years. McCain’s war hero status does NOT qualify him to be President. Fox News is upset, Britt Hume is in...

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    Feds Take A Swing At Regulating Boxing

    (Victor Joecks/NPRI) – Last week, in the wake of the controversial Pacquiao-Bradley fight, Sen. Harry Reid vowed...