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    60 Years Later, Buckley’s Warning Rings More True Than Ever

    (Thomas Mitchel/ – “Ripped from the headlines!” was the old movie trailer line touting this or that flick about political intrigue. Today, as we read the headlines about bailouts, entitlements, quantitative easing, demands for income equity, taxes on the rich, welfare for the poor, job killing regulations and the like, it is...

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    White House Content With 9% Unemployment

    (Geoffrey Lawrence/NPRI) – New projections from the White House’s Office of Management and Budget last week predict that the national unemployment rate will remain around 9 percent throughout the next 16 months and will not again approach 6 percent until 2016. Those numbers now approximate what the Congressional Budget Office has said....

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    The Stimulus, Economics, And Politicians

    (Jim Clark) – In last week’s Bonanza, Jeff Quinn wrote in a column titled “Economic Advisors’ Bafflegab” about the just released Council of Economic Advisors report on the effect of the American Recovery and  Reinvestment Act of 2009 (the “Stimulus” bill). The report stated that the Stimulus bill “raised employment relative to...