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    Drive-By Muthings: August 30, 2019

    * * * As we go into the holiday weekend, now seems to be a good time...

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    Nevada News & Views: September 5, 2017

    #NeverHeller Movement Adds Another to Long List of Grievances Yesterday, on Labor Day, Nevada Republican Sen. Dean Heller came out in favor of Barack Obama’s unconstitutional “executive amnesty” program, known as DACA, telling the Reno Gazette-Journal in a statement, “I’ve made clear that I support the program.” Oy, vey.  More aid-and-comfort. I am now convinced that Heller –...

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    Gingrich: ‘Employee Rights Act’ has the right focus and the right reforms

    (Newt Gingrich) – Thanks to the leadership of Senator Orrin Hatch and Congressman Tom Price, Republicans have...