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    Clark: A more inclusive GOP

    (Jim Clark) – “A more inclusive GOP?” That headline, in 1 ½ inch letters bracketed by print-art elephants, ran in last Sunday’s edition of Northern Nevada’s largest daily newspaper. It trumpeted a two-page story about Washoe County Republican leaders hosting a meet and greet at Reno’s historic Coney Island Restaurant to welcome members of the...

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    Washoe GOP, Nevada Log Cabin Republicans stand for LGBT rights

    (Adam Khan, Washoe County Republican Party) – As the 2016 elections rapidly approach, the Washoe County Republican Party is gearing up its efforts to register Republican voters and make sure that the failed policies of the past six years come to an abrupt halt. As Americans, we are incredibly blessed to live in the greatest...

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    Roll Call: Poll: House incumbents who oppose LGBT rights lose support

    (Emily Cahn, Roll Call) – A set of polls conducted for the Human Rights Campaign found incumbents would imperil their...